3 Ways to Get a Will

What would your family do if you died tomorrow? Do you have a plan in place to take care of those you love? 3 ways to get a will.

Nobody likes to think about death. It could be why so many Americans don’t have a will. According to one recent survey, up to 57% don’t have a plan for the ones they leave behind. But the fact is that no matter how young, or poor, you are, you still need a will. Especially if you have young children. Way to save #55 – Children’s life insurance.

“If you have minor children, you really want to have a will because you want to provide for their care until they’re 18”, estate attorney Jack Friedrich tells Money Talks News.

So why wouldn’t you have a will? It’s really not all that difficult and there are least three ways to get it done. First, ‘the traditional and most expensive approach is to use a lawyer. For a minimum of a few hundred bucks, an attorney will hold your hand throughout the entire process. “A lot of it is not really the preparation of the will, but its the give and take, or the conference, the information gathering that makes it so important”, Friedrich adds.

But if that’s too rich for your blood, you do have other options — and for a lot less. Legal Zoom offers a standard do-it-yourself will for $69. Nolo has an online version for $49. And there are plenty of others. If you’re afraid you’ll make a mistake (and depending on how much you leave behind, mistakes can be costly in this area) then get some human, but perhaps non-lawyer, help.

According to Maria Paijus of We the People, the process is fairly simple. “They fill out a simple questionnaire, and then they just give us the information that we need and we process the paperwork, and its just for $99”.

But however you decide to get a will, get one. No matter how old you are, no matter how little you have. Because you just never know. Bottom line? Getting a will probably isn’t the hassle or expense you might imagine. And it is important. If not for you, then for those you might leave behind. For every will: there’s a way.

Stacy Johnson

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  • those 60 & over who are residents of Gloucester County, NJ can get a free will from Senior Services

  • David

    Dear Mr. Johnson,

    I watch your show on a daily basis on
    our local news here in El Paso, Texas. I enjoy your insight and advice because
    I generally believe it is very helpful. I do however have a comment. As a
    practicing attorney for 12 years, I still have a difficult time advising anyone
    to prepare their own will or in the alternative, to purchase a form will. About
    three weeks ago I heard your advice on these form wills and I was very suprised
    that you would suggest that individuals use form wills. As I sit here sending
    you my comment, I have a form will that my client wishes to probate that was not
    executed with all of the proper formalities required of a will. Please keep in
    mind that we work all of our lives to protect the assets we have
    accumulated. Would you risk all that you have worked for and dispose of your
    assets in a $75.00 form will? Talk to a professional, not all wills have to be
    expensive. They should however, be done right! Thank you for your


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