30 Inspired Wedding Gifts That Keep On Giving

Just say no to fine china. When you shop for wedding gifts, consider these ideas that bring joy, and don’t just gather dust.

China and crystal may be traditional wedding gifts, but unless the happy couple lives at Downton Abbey, they probably won’t have much use for such finery.

Instead of sticking with tradition, consider a gift the couple can actually use. Or, better yet, one that will save them money.

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  • pennyhammack

    Another idea – my niece started cohabiting with a young man last year. For Christmas I put together a recipe book of family recipes and tried and true (and cheap) recipes for them to try. I understand they were greatly appreciated.

  • Lorilu

    In many places in this country, the favored gift to the happy couple is cash. Then the couple can buy whatever they want and need.

  • Marian Reed

    I like to give “unusual” yet, functional, gifts. One of my favorites is a heating pad. Usually it’s never thought of until the need is immediate. I also include reusable ice packs for the other spectrum.

    For baby gifts I think ahead for when they’re no longer infants. Potty chairs or similar equipment and wagons.

    To help keep the cost down I get a group of friends to give a specified amount making it possible to give a useful and yet different kind of gift.

  • MrKnowitall

    I think I would be a little concerned about giving gifts that require a change in how people live their lives, how they shop, etc. I mean, if you understand the value of an AAA membership and wanted it, wouldn’t you be a member already? A Netflix subscription . . . some of us don’t like watching too much teevee, we are busy using our time doing things we would prefer over watching teevee. A Costco membership? If you liked shopping there, wouldn’t you have a membership already? I agree that fine china may not be used that often, but my wife and I were all too happy to have a fine set of china for special occasions. And you would look forward to being seated with your guests and bringing out that wonderful china. It helped make those times very special. I suppose if the couple has a bridal registry then it is hard to go wrong buying something on the list, they want it or else it wouldn’t be on the list. I can tell you also that we really appreciated people who bought things using the registry list, and a number of the items gifted to us which we did not request are the ones that have gone unused and underappreciated.

  • whattarush

    Hand tools and a tool box, lawn care tools, a lawn mower…?

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