8 Steps to Prepare for Obamacare

The opening date for the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces is near. Here’s how to be ready just in case any of the changes affect you and your family.

We’re about six weeks away from the opening of the state health insurance marketplaces required by the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

Oct. 1 is when all those who can’t get affordable health insurance through a workplace — or aren’t eligible for Medicaid or Medicare — can apply to buy health insurance on their own without the possibility of being turned down. The actual health coverage purchased through the marketplaces won’t begin until Jan. 1.

The Oct. 1 deadline is still on, despite some major adjustments and delays. The New York Times recently reported on another postponement:

In another setback for President Obama’s health care initiative, the administration has delayed until 2015 a significant consumer protection in the law that limits how much people may have to spend on their own health care. The limit on out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles and co-payments, was not supposed to exceed $6,350 for an individual and $12,700 for a family. But under a little-noticed ruling, federal officials have granted a one-year grace period to some insurers, allowing them to set higher limits, or no limit at all on some costs, in 2014.

Not postponed is the penalty for failing to have any kind of health insurance next year. The penalty in 2014 will be $95 per adult or 1 percent of adjusted family income, whichever is higher, and will increase to $695 or 2.5 percent of income in 2016.

What can you do to prepare for the opening of the insurance marketplace in your state? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Will this change what you currently do? (Probably not)

The state marketplaces are where people can buy individual coverage and it’s also for businesses that employ 50 or fewer people. Explains PBS’ The Rundown blog:

Currently, the vast majority of Americans with insurance coverage get it through their jobs — and they generally work for companies with more than 50 workers. Large firms already offer coverage similar to what the health law will require insurers to offer individuals and small firms, so little change is expected.

Anyone can apply for individual health insurance through a marketplace, even those who have insurance through work. But if your work-based coverage is considered “affordable” — and it likely will be if your employer is paying part of the cost — you won’t be eligible for a government subsidy to reduce your monthly premium for insurance purchased through the marketplace, explains Carolyn McClanahan on Forbes.

What’s considered affordable? “If premium cost is more than 9.5 percent of your income and you are under 400 percent poverty level, insurance is not considered affordable,” she writes. So, for most of you, it wouldn’t make sense to switch from your work-based plan. But if your employer’s health insurance plan is sufficiently lousy, the marketplace makes sense.

2. Research what the marketplace rates will be in your state

So far 14 states and Washington, D.C., have released what the cost of health plans on their marketplaces will be. If your location is among them, you can find the rates here, on Kaiser Health News. Overall, it’s expected that young, healthy people will have higher premiums than they do now for individual (not work-based) coverage, and older people will have lower premiums. And health insurers will no longer be able to charge a higher premium just because you have a pre-existing condition.

Note (and this is important): If you buy health insurance through a state marketplace, you’ll likely be eligible for a federal subsidy to help with the cost.

3. Research individual policies sold outside the marketplace

In the states that already require more than very minimal coverage from individual insurance policies, your individual policy may cost about the same next year. In other states, the cost of an individual policy purchased outside the state marketplace will likely increase to cover an expansion of the coverage you’ll get. Explains CNNMoney:

Starting next year, nearly all individual plans — both in and out of the exchanges — will be required to cover an array of “essential” services, including medication, maternity and mental health care. Many plans don’t currently offer those benefits.

So, if you currently have an individual policy — some 15 million Americans do — you may or may not want to keep it. Or you may find that your insurance company is eliminating your plan and replacing it with plans that meet the new standards for care.

But keep in mind that unless you buy your individual coverage through a state marketplace, you won’t be eligible for the federal subsidy.

4. Figure in the federal subsidy

A huge part of Obamacare is the help offered to those who can’t afford health insurance premiums. The subsidy is a tax credit that’s applied directly to the premiums. It will be paid to the insurance company, not to you.

Who will be eligible for this help? Plenty of people.

CNNMoney explains, “People with annual income of up to 400 percent of the poverty line — or roughly $45,000 for an individual and about $92,000 for a family of four — will get federal subsidies to help defray the premium costs.” The lower your income, the higher the subsidy. How much will you get? The Kaiser Family Foundation has a calculator.

5. Get ready to fill out your application to a marketplace

You will need to provide information such as Social Security number and income. As of Oct. 1, information can be submitted through paper forms, over the phone or online. You should get a response within two weeks explaining your next steps.

Enrollment in the marketplaces closes after March 31, unless you have a major life event like relocation to another state, changes to income, or changes in your family status.

HealthCare.gov recommends you take these steps to prepare for submitting an application in a marketplace.

6. Select your level of coverage

You will have a choice of four levels: platinum, gold, silver and bronze. Platinum will have the highest premium but the lowest out-of-pocket expenses. Bronze will come with the lowest monthly cost but the highest possible out-of-pocket costs.

How to decide which one to pick? HealthCare.gov offers advice about that.

7. Check into Medicaid

Many states have expanded eligibility for Medicaid, a federal/state health insurance program for low-income people. Some states have decided not to participate in the expansion.

What if your state has not and you don’t qualify under the current Medicaid rules? You won’t have to pay the penalty for being uninsured.

8. Kick your pre-existing addiction

Under Obamacare, insurance providers cannot charge more due to pre-existing conditions or gender. But they can charge more if you smoke. Smokers can be charged up to 1.5 times the premiums of those who don’t use tobacco in most states. To quit on the cheap, follow these tips.

Where do you stand on Obamacare and the insurance marketplaces? Voice your opinions on our Facebook page.

Karen Datko contributed to this report.

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    Missed a step: Save more for your taxes, hard-working taxpayers. The riff raff will be able to get a third car or a giant home
    entertainment TV with free O-BUM-er-care handouts.
    Step for Rotten Progressives: Go to Cuba for their great healthcare.

  • Mike

    Obamacare: A Deception
    The article below is the most comprehensive analysis available of “Obamacare” – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The author, a knowledgeable person who wishes to remain anonymous, explains how Obamacare works for the insurance companies but not for you.


  • Cindy Kadinger

    Obamacare will be just another “successful” entitlement provided by our progressive, nanny-state government. After all, the government has many wildly popular and successful entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and SSI; all of which are fiscally sound and oh so beneficial to the deserving poor, elderly and disabled. This is an utopian place called “Liberal LaLa Land” and they worship at the alter of a large,bloated centralized government. Trouble is, liberals forget the Great OZ behind the curtain is nothing but a wind-bag spewing hot air. I want to help the poor, elderly and disabled, but it sure seems that more and more of my hard-earned money goes for lazy, good-for-nothing couch potatoes either incapable (due to stupidity) or lack of ambition.

    • obamathemarxist

      I am on Medicare and I still don’t like it, our debt is 17 trillion but if your add in the unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Social Security, we are in excess of 50 trillion in debt. We are actually worse off than Greece, the only thing that keeps the USA afloat is the ability to print Money.

    • suzy

      what is your profession

      • Cindy Kadinger

        I’m a nurse. I’ve seen the government cause more expense for the healthcare industry than insurance companies ever could. One little regulation change sends the medical centers reeling to cover their collective azzes. The paperwork alone buries everyone under a mountain of money and usually results in very limited benefit for the patient. Now with Obamacare and the untold number of regulations and new rules……guess who will pay? It certainly won’t be the disable, elderly or unfortunate, it will be the hard-working middle class again. Don’t get me wrong, It is my calling in life to care for others and I have a great deal of compassion for those less fortunate in wealth and health, but I’m getting a little fed up with providing the “free lunch” for a bunch of hand-wringing do-nothings.

        • Ericka Schultz

          There is a stereotype that people on aid do nothing. That is wrong. Making a generalization like that is shameful if you have had any college education. In Michigan, persons on Foodstamps and Medicaid HAVE to work to get aid. They can no longer win the lottery because those earnings count against them. So I’m not sure what assumptions you are making but they are not based on all the facts. Maybe you can sit on your rear end in other states but not here. Wages have not kept up with the prices of things. If you are middle class, you are fortunate because the economy has put many persons out of the middle class- persons laid off from good jobs. Some of these persons are even white and applying for aid to feed their family. I should know- I used to make $15 an hour but got laid off and have been underemployed for several years. And having a college degree isn’t helping me either. All the nurses I know right now have good jobs. Everyone else, it all hit or miss due to manufacturing dying in Michigan – which effects white and blue collar jobs. I am not happy with Obama Care either because I am part time and am only allowed to work 29 hours or less a week. I used to rely on more hours in the summer in retail to help in the winter. So I have to continue to live with my boomer parents who are struggling to afford things too even on pensions and working. Propane and utilities are not cheap. They don’t pay for entitlements- all their money goes to doctors, nurses salaries, medicine, and utilities. So be careful about looking down on others. We are all just as expendable at our jobs. It’s all for the good of the business, no offense. We are all just numbers in the bean counters ledgers.

          • Cindy Kadinger

            You grossly misunderstood my post. There is no where in my comment did I “stereotype” nor do I lack compassion and understanding for others in unfortunate monetary situations such as yourself. Furthermore, nowhere did I ascribe a certain class (white, black or otherwise) as perpetuating this entitlement bonanza. A lesson in macro-economics will clarify why our country is in this present monetary struggle and it all starts with the ever growing largesse of our federal government. Obama’s Administration alone has personally created more than 3,000 new rules and regulations (without congressional debate and vote) that will break the backs of hundreds of small businesses. All for misguided individuals such as yourself who tend to blame the “greedy capitalists” for all their woes. Obama and the Progressives have counted on your ignorance to carry this off. This is why jobs have not kept up with a living wage and now with Obamacare, many will lose full-time hours and benefits.
            Our family lost 50% of our income after the housing crash (mostly brought on by too much do-gooder government intervention to help minorities and the poor buy homes) so I understand losing the grip on middle class standing. Check out why mortgage rates have been kept artificially low by our government, or why does our government or rather the gov-sanctioned Federal Reserve keep manufacturing money? (this is called monetizing the debt). These are just two ways our “helpful” government has pushed the economy to the brink.
            You have read way too much into my comment that was not even there or suggested and I don’t appreciate it. The brain-washing has been very effective. The “hand-wring do nothings” certainly do not apply to hard working folks needing to supplement their income with food stamps or rent assistance. I have met my share of slugs that prefer to sit and game all day in their parent’s basements rather than find even a job at McDonald’s. I once knew women that got pregnant on purpose to get more welfare money while much of the cash went into their lungs and destroyed their livers (cigarettes and booze). Also, 48% of Americans do not pay any federal taxes, so they are not the ones paying for these entitlements,. It is the upper middle class and rich; you know the ones that pay your wages and provide jobs for Americans. So call them greedy and blame businesses for all ours woes, in reality, they are the ones trying to save this country and your backside.

    • Kimberly Reed

      Wow someone is bitter… Although I can half grasp your angst, there a
      people who are on these program who don’t need to be but there are
      people on them who do need to be… What should we do with our disabled
      who became disabled before they worked and payed enough into SS… Maybe
      we could leave them to the streets… Hey how about your street? yeah
      lets let them live in your street. A lot of people like you don’t seem
      to realize that a lot of people on food stamps are working 40 hours
      week… They don’t make enough to pay the rent, utilities, keep a car on
      the road and such because cost have gone up so much and so quick.
      And further more everyone on obamacare is going to pay something (If
      their to poor to pay something they are going on medicaid)and many lower
      middle class are going to pay in the hundreds while trying to continue
      to pay a mortgage on a house who’s taxes keep jumping up about 100 bucks
      or more a year or a rent that keeps going up every year to compensate
      for rising heat and property taxes (house ins, auto ins cost increases)
      all these things add up and not to mention food prices (At my local
      grocery store food has jump 35 to 89 cent per item in the last couple of
      months).. Once upon a time the poor in this country could struggle by,
      NOT NO MORE!!!! The middle class is disappearing by the million every
      year (just like the bees) and not because their striking it rich!!!!!
      The solution to getting these poor working class folks off these
      programs is to lower prices not to raise the minimum wage because every
      time they do that prices RISE they GO UP, EVERYTHING COST MORE!!!!! and
      what you could buy with 10 bucks an hour yesterday you can’t buy today
      with 12.00

      • Cindy Kadinger

        Ms. Reed,

        I’ve walked many miles in your shoes, they were my shoes. I’ve been on food stamps and welfare aid while I struggled to raise a daughter (no money from her father) and attend college and work part-time. I ate only after I fed my daughter. I now have many “pre-existing” conditions that would prohibit me from getting health insurance; I now pay over $1000/month for my insurance with a very high deductible and co-pay to see the Dr. Lucky to have insurance? Yeah right real lucky. We work our ass off just to buy my medicine and keep away the bill collectors. Retirement money, it’s gone thanks to the government and their fricking “help”. The government has ruined our economy and our moral fabric.

        You and most other liberals seem to gloss over the real issues affecting our society and as long as you continue to operate under the delusion of “someone owes me” mentality, you will remain right where you are: under a government rock. Obama and the rest of the libtards only want to keep Americans blind, deaf and dumb by feeding you exactly what you crave to hear. If you think it was all easy street when I was growing up 40 years ago, you’re dead wrong. The difference between us is I never believed anyone owed me a damn thing. I took gov’t help until I couldn’t stand the shame anymore. I had friends that sucked off the gov’t teat and remained losers because they never could get over the “I’m owed this” and the “poor me” mentality.

        I take care of many people who are very poor, disabled and chronically ill and none of them laments the government for not giving them more. These people look to themselves to first and take only help because they have no choice. They’d give anything to have their health, or legs or mind and be able to go out to work again. Oh and they are very poor: no cable, no smartphones, no computers and no cars, unlike many of the “nouveaux pauvres.”that exist today.
        Bitter?…….no, I’m ashamed of who the Democrat party has become.

        • Kimberly Reed

          First I would like to say that I am sorry you have had to struggle so much with affordable health insurance and health problems and I do hope that when and if (likely it will be when) this obamacare program is up and running it will help you.. I do believe it will help some people but I also believe it is going to hurt some people.
          You don’t know any thing about me, nor did I say anything about personal self in my comment that you can say you have walked in my shoes but to let you know way back when, when I was young and my marriage failed and I myself had to rely on state programs for a few years. Then I went back to work and a few years ago became disabled. Every year as things go up and up it gets harder and harder to get by.
          I agree with your assessment of obama and these liberal socialists. I also was not raised to believe anyone owed me a damn thing. Although I was raised to believe I needed a man to take care of me… Sometime I would just like to kick my father for that one right in the old knee cap … LOL I am hardly a liberal Cindy in fact I consider myself a conservative with some moderate views (hope your not to shocked) I believe in controlled government spending as much as I believe in helping the poor. After all if not for the poor there would be no rich. Frankly I can’t afford to be a Liberal, I just don’t have that kind of money to spend. My thing is we have politicians abusing their power and people taking advantage of what is called ‘The System’ I have met people who are on programs who use it to drink and buy drugs (these are the people I have problems with) and what’s worse is these people have kids who have medicaid and they don’t take their kids to the dentist and their teeth rot out and these kids spend their teens and young adult years in pain because now they have no ins. to take themselves to the dentist. (This isn’t just one family I’m talking about… Its many families in one community) And it hurts to see families who don’t have medicaid or some dental ins who would go to the dentist and take their kids. these are just a few examples I could go on an on. But I also know many who are on programs, who need these programs. What your mistake was in your original post is you weren’t politically correct… You let it sound like you were talking about everyone in these programs are lazy! Don’t worry I am not judging or putting you down here for lack of political correctness I am still working on that ability myself. After I posted my comment I did go back last night and read your replies to others who commented on your post. I realized you are not as insensitive and oblivious as your post sounded. But people of both parties do get me confused as to what side of the party line I stand on… I believe, like I said in controlled spending. The government and both parties are guilty of this ‘OVER SPENDING’ The pork in Bills is slipping in funds for things that have nothing to do with the Bill they are trying to pass. Pork is politicians slipping things that benefit their states not the country just whatever state they represent. Federal government should benefit the country not a state. I believe in Term Limits! These politicians have been in offices way to long and have lost touch with Us (There employers) and have grown incredibly ignorant. (<– All of them who have held one office or another for more than 8 to 10 years) TAXES TAXES we are no longer being taxed with fair representation from are local property taxes to our states and our federal government. I am for proof of ID when voting. I am against legalizing pot and other drugs and I am for drug testing recipients of Federal and state government programs. I am for National affordable healthcare and against obamacare because Number 1 Congress exempted themselves from it before the bill was even passed and has continued to exempt other groups and cooperations from it. Including the IRS who will be enforcing this program which just gives them one more thing to fee, tax, interest, seize and lien. Also {clearing throat} when Reagan allowed the Illegal Immigrants to become legal citizens and said it was a one time thing I cringe as I type this I am for legalizing Illegal immigrants who have been here for a long time and have established new life's here. I would have been for Mccain's bill if he hadn't put in that the head of household had to go back to their country of origin for a year… My God That's Insane!… So a single parent was to leave her/his children behind for a year…. A father was to leave his family for a year.. A lot can happen in year.. Look at our soldiers who have been deployed for long periods of time. Families that have to struggle to reconnect. But I think we should secure our borders before enacting any kind of a forgiveness immigrant bill… We need to bring prices down so people can afford to live again. we need to get back into manufacturing to create jobs and to end this on slaughter of poor quality garbage that is being shipped here daily, all day from china. I am for Solar power, wind power, power from the waves of the ocean and against nuclear and coal power. I love Green it is my favorite color.. I am for an all out Global campaign to save the bees. 42% of the bees died last year in this country alone. I dread this years figure. Albert Einstein said when the bees die… Humans will be gone in three years. I am ashamed of both parties, they have all played their part at one time or another and at times jointly in creating this mess we are in. And we the citizens have to take some responsibility as well for letting it go on so long. We need to stop throwing our hands up in the air and saying there's nothing we can do.

  • Mike

    Obamacare: A Deception
    The article below is the most comprehensive analysis available of “Obamacare” – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It explains how Obamacare works for the insurance companies but not for you.


    I was wondering why my post got deleted an hour later. Was that because the truth hurts? Please do not delete it.

    • It’s because your comment looked very similar to spam. Do you have any relationship with the website you linked to?

      If not, I’d like to point you to the disclaimer posted on the bottom of that site: “This site offers factual information and viewpoints that might be useful in arriving at an understanding of the events of our time. We believe that the information comes from reliable sources, but cannot guarantee the information to be free of mistakes and incorrect interpretations. IPE has no official position on any issue and does not necessarily endorse the statements of any contributor.”

      So they’re actually telling you that their work may contain “mistakes and incorrect interpretations”…

      • Mike

        No. I do not have any relationship with the website whatsoever.

    • obamathemarxist

      I clicked thru your link, it is a very good link and all voters should read it’ your post should not have been deleted, since everything written about Obamacare can be in error since the beauracrats can change it on the fly. Even the Democrats who voted for it are starting to regret their vote.

      • ghortej

        You would trust a website with something written in legalese saying they “cannot guarantee the information to be free of mistakes and incorrect interpretations”? If so, you deserve to be misinformed.

        Think of how coffee cups and hair dryers have printed on them: “warning: may be hot”. That’s the same thing here… warning: “cannot guarantee the information to be free of mistakes and incorrect interpretations”. It’s so that if anyone ever sues them for writing this BS, they can point to that statement and say: “We told you our site was full of ‘mistakes and incorrect interpretations’.”

        • Mike

          If you lack the maturity to face the fact that Obamacare is nothing but a deception then it is your problem.

        • obamathemarxist

          I actually read the info from that link and did not see any red flags, I always read info on the web with a certain amount of skepticism. Read the link and then argue whats in the link instead of throwing out insults.

          • ghortej

            Well, the second sentence says the author wishes to remain anonymous. That’s red flag #1. Coupled with the disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating the site does not necessarily endorse the statements of any contributor, and all I know so far is that no one is taking responsibility for this article.

            With this following paragraph, he’s essentially arguing that taxes (which are based on last year’s income and increase as income increases) are not “not conducive to good health and well-being”. Can’t say I disagree, but we don’t have a country without taxes. Terrible argument: red flag #2.

            “As each year’s subsidy is based on last year’s income, there will be a substantial year-end tax liability for those who must repay the subsidy in whole or part because their income increased during the year. The stress alone from such a regressive scheme is, without a doubt, not conducive to good health and well-being.”

            But look, I get this guy’s premise: that forcing everyone to buy health insurance or pay a penalty will cost them money. But the alternative is the system we had, where someone without insurance could get treatment at a hospital for a life threatening emergency, and then walk away from the bill. Hospitals have to make up the costs somehow, so they jack up the prices on the rest of us. Since those costs go up, your insurance has to pay more, which means they have to charge you a higher premium. So you end up paying for someone else’s medical bills, someone who chose not to purchase insurance for themselves. The only way that system works is if hospitals are free to deny life-saving emergency treatment to those without insurance, and I’m not sure that’s a world I’m ready to live in.

            “U.S. hospitals provided $41.1 billion in uncompensated care in 2011, representing 5.9 percent of annual hospital expenses.(Source: American Hospital Association, “Uncompensated Hospital Care Cost Fact Sheet,” January 2013.)” – http://www.acainternational.org/products-health-care-collection-statistics-5434.aspx

            With Obamacare, at least hospitals will be able to give treatment without funding a massive medical debt collection industry. “As of 2012, 75 million people reported problems paying their medical bills or were paying off medical debt” (http://www.acainternational.org/products-health-care-collection-statistics-5434.aspx). That’s a stat from the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, an organization that lobbies politicians on “the value of the credit and collection industry”. They’ve got a lot of money to lose without all of those people in debt. They’re the ones getting a share of the interest. So wouldn’t it make sense for them to campaign against Obamacare if Obamacare would’ve kept those people from going into debt?

            And that’s why it’s such a shame this article is published anonymously on a website that will not endorse its content or even claim it to be free of “incorrect interpretations”. For all I know, this was written by Acme Medical Debt Collectors or someone else who stands to lose a lot of money when Obamacare goes into effect. So why waste any additional time reading it… there are plenty of other more reputable analyses online.

  • MBurris

    I, too, railed against the state getting into too many things. Then I retired and tried to get insurance for my wife who is 3 years my junior. She had a “pre-existing condition” that she is not even being treated for anymore. Also, she had a doctor that also owned a pharmacy and it seems she never came out of the office without a prescription. Now, we can’t even get past talking about anything of real substance at all without these past “pre-existing condtions” coming up and the inevitable denial. No matter how high a deductible I applied for ( up to $10,000), we were denied over and over. There is nothing like turnabout is fair play that makes a man see the light. I am not the strict conservative I was once. It often has nothing to do with whether you work or not, save or not ( and I do so aggressively) or if your are willing to carry a heavier and more realistic share of the burden…..you are just plain shut out. I know that these sites are often patroled by the chronic so called conservatives that are often thinly veiled advocats of the commercially motivated
    status quo and try to portray themselves as spontaneously motivated. All I can say is that you can’t in any nation keep shutting out millions from jobs, opportunities, and basic healthcare without huge unintended consequences. Like I say, I learned a lot in the last few months. You are just another group of “haves” (medical care, in this case) that tries to explain away why the “have nots ” don’t have something. Riff raff? You can’t know just how I would love to meet you one on one and have an “exchange of viewpoints”.

    • obamathemarxist

      The problems in Healthcare delivery could have been solved with a smaller and more defined bill, if they would have included allowing Insurance companies to compete across state lines and Tort Reform the prices would have plummeted. We could have set up a program for high risk patients that would cost less than what this program is going to cost you. Eliminating mandatory coverages for things like Mental Illness and other such mandates would bring the cost down also. I’m on Medicare and the fact that they took 900 million from medicare to fund this program means less resources will be available for the elderly.
      Also their is going to be rationing down the road that could deny your wife treatment for her condition beyond a certain age.
      You should have known we were in trouble when Nancy Pelosi said “we have to pass the bill, in order to find out what’s in it”. This bill funds the hiring of 16,000 IRS agents and does nothing to increase the supply of new doctors to meet the increased demands. Your veiled threats at the end do nothing to further an intelligent discourse.

    • obamathemarxist

      Quit pretending to be a conservative. I read the only 2 posts you have posted and have concluded that your are a socialist, so sing it from the rooftops instead of running from it. I’m a conservative with some libertarian beliefs also and am proud to admit it.

    • Cathy D

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! THIS is the problem with health insurance today in our country. If you have a “pre-existing” condition, you might as well forget health insurance. Right now my husband and I pay over $14,000.00 per year for insurance that has a $5000.00 deductible. I’m betting that all those people who are so down on Obamacare have employer offered group health insurance. They haven’t a clue what it’s like out in the “real insurance world”.

  • matthewkmiller

    Step 1: Find another country to live in. This one is toast if Obamacare really gets off the ground.

  • BigDog40

    More than half of you voted for him I tell everyone, so now welcome to PART-TIME JOB AMERICA. For anyone that doesn’t read the paper or listen to financial news networks, 77% of ALL JOBS created in 2013 are……PART-TIME. So enjoy your Obamacare while you get busy looking for a second job.


    No One in this country doubted or doubts that our health care system needed reform. But Obama-care was shoved down our throats, at the last minute, while Nancy Pelosi was still in charge of the House. Obama-care was passed by too many people who had no idea what the bill contained, let alone what it would cost! WE needed health care reform…WE got the shaft!

  • dave faler

    I say get rid of President Johnsoncare also known as medicare. It’s another liberal government healthcare program that needs to go.

  • Mike

    How much do I have to pay if I don’t get health coverage in 2014? Is it $95 per month or $95 per year? Can someone let me know? I also know that the penalty jumps to around $600 in 2016. Is this also per month or one fee?? Please let me know..

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