And Now, the Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny… Smart Bikini

Wearable technology combines with French fashion to get maximum exposure with minimum sunburn.

Nothing puts a damper on a day at the beach quicker than a nasty sunburn.

Take it from me, Casper the Friendly Ghost’s long-lost sister. My poor, lily-white skin has taken a beating from the sun over the years.

But your days of overdoing it in the sun could be over. A French design firm claims its “smart bikini” could help save your skin from sunburns, The Telegraph reports.

The women’s swimsuit, which comes in a one- or two-piece style, is wired with a small, waterproof UV sensor that monitors the temperature and notifies its wearer that she is about to burn.

The warning is texted to the wearer’s smartphone “or in a special ‘Valentines’ version to a partner so he or she can apply sun cream,” The Telegraph said.

The sensor is specific to the individual wearing the swimsuit. Users input their skin information into an app (available for both iOS and Android), and the sensor uses that information, plus the temperature, to send alerts to users, the Daily Mail reports.

“The project came from an off-the-cuff remark after seeing people looking like lobsters still in the sun,” Marie Spinali, head of Spinali Design, told The Telegraph.

The smart swimsuit isn’t cheap. Suits start at $167. Ouch. If that’s too costly for you, you could try a beach towel (for $111) that is equipped with the same sensor.

Of course, you could also keep your money and purchase a cheap suit and some broad spectrum SPF sunscreen instead. It’s recommended that you apply sunscreen about 15 minutes before going into the sun and reapply at least every two hours, or immediately following swimming or excessive sweating.

For more on summer skin care, check out The ABCs of Sun Protection (Don’t Get Burned by SPFs).

And, in the event that the technology or the sunscreen fails you, here’s your resource: “25 Home Remedies and Tips for Sunburn.”

Would you spend $167 for a smart bikini? Share your comments below.

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