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Goodbye Landline

The cellular phone, now used as the one and only phone by 14% of American adults, and Voice Over Internet (VoIP) phones, used by 1 in 7 American adults, are making the landline telephone a thing of the past.

Recycling Old Electronics For Cash

If you love to own the latest technology (or live with someone who does), chances are you have a stash of tech trash… old iPods, cell phone chargers, or maybe even a broken laptop infesting your closets. But before you … Continued

The Difference Between Organic and Natural Food

When you shop for groceries, do you look for labels that say “Organic” or “Natural”? Believe it or not, there’s a huge difference between these two seemingly synonymous terms.

Insurance for Kids?

Q: I agree with a majority of the story but I do not agree with you saying not to buy insurance for your kids. Yes, I do believe that you don’t need a lot of insurance for your kids but … Continued

Home Gardens Reduce Food Costs

If your grocery bill is rising faster than you can handle, it may be time to think green… as in a green thumb. Growing some of your own food saves money, it’s easier than you think… and you don’t need a big plot of land.

How To Save Money (Avoid Money Pits)

Saving an extra couple of hundred dollars each month is easier than you might think. It starts by taking a hard look at all the little expenses you rack up, and cutting the “money pits” from your daily spending.

$100 Hedge Funds

Wouldn’t you like to have your savings in a place that would return double digits even when the stock market is lousy? There might be a way, providing you’re willing to “hedge” your bets.

Making Your Life Less “Taxing”

Over the years a few brave souls have actually tried to tackle our tax laws for the express purpose of making them simpler and therefore fairer. Back in 1998 I did TV news stories about a couple of proposals then … Continued

Increasing Check Float Times

It used to be that when you wrote a check, you had time to make a deposit to cover it, because the money wouldn’t leave your account for days. But now, thanks to modern technology and new banking regulations, that float’s gone from days to hours.

Your Credit Union On Every Corner?

Credit Unions traditionally offer higher interest rates and lower fees than banks. The only problem: if you want to make a deposit or use an ATM, visiting a branch of your union might not be convenient or even possible. But, thanks to “Credit Union Sharing”, that’s all about to change.

Incorporating Your Small Business

If you own a small business, you’ve probably considered becoming a corporation. It can be a big expense, especially if you go to a lawyer. But, by doing it yourself, you can save the legal bills.

Tips to Avoid Rip-Offs

Q: How do I find out if a work from home business is for real they supposedly have a e-mail address but nobody is answering me it’s called jeff paul shortcuts to internet millions I’m not looking to make a … Continued

Should You Incorporate?

Most small business owners will face this question at sometime in their careers: Should I incorporate? If so, do I use a lawyer or a web site? INC or LLC? What, exactly, are the benefits to incorporating?

Getting Organized

As the 21st century dawned the world was aglow over the Internet. The Internet was going to make the invention of things like TV, radio and personal computers pale in comparison. This technology, like the Industrial Revolution, marked a quantum … Continued

Protecting Your Savings From Inflation

If you’re keeping money in the bank, you know how low rates are. And if you’ve done any food shopping lately, you know how high prices are. But what you may not have considered is what low savings rates and high inflation can do to your savings.