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5 Best Free Software Programs

You know how expensive software can be, but some great software doesn’t cost a dime. Five free programs to help you save and manage your financial life…

Teens Need Jobs, Too

Imagine trying to find a job in this economy. Now imagine doing it with zero experience, little education and no resume. It’s tough out there for teens.

Can Magnets Really Heal You?

There are those who swear by medical magnets, believing a magnetic field can heal everything from a sore back to cancer, but is it miracle or placebo?

Saving with Salvaged Groceries

Despite what the economy’s doing, thrifty shoppers are always looking for a way to save. And if coupons just aren’t cutting it, why not try a salvage grocery store?

Salvaged Grocery Store List

Find a salvaged grocery store in your area with this state by state list. A bit like an outlet store for food, salvage grocery stores sell food with slightly damaged packaging at generous discounts.