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Claiming The Child Tax Credit

You know your kids are tax deductions. Did you know that other people’s kids might reduce your taxes too? The rules have changed. So if you’ve got kids living in your house, you really need to see this.

7 Most Common Tax Mistakes

Every year, millions of tax returns are filed with mistakes… mistakes that can delay your refund… even cost you money. Want to avoid the most common?

CNBC’s “House of Cards” Documentary

If you haven’t seen it yet, CNBC’s House of Cards is an excellent documentary on the origins of the economic crisis. Wondering how we got into this mess? Just watch this video…

Checking Out Tax Professionals

If you’ll be getting help with your taxes this year, you probably want to make sure its the best help around. Here’s a few tips to make sure your choice for a paid tax professional adds up.

Refund Anticipation Loans

If you’re a tax service, you love em if you’re a consumer advocate, you don’t. What’s bad about tax refund anticipation loans? Let’s find out…

Who Has to File Taxes?

Don’t you hate filing taxes? Well you know, millions of people don’t even have to file a return. But if you think that sounds lucky, you might want to think again.

Finding Free Tax Help

Just because you have to file your taxes doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy expensive software, pay a professional, or even do it yourself.