Christy Rakoczy, Writer

Christy Rakoczy has written for Money Talks News.


8 Must-Have Items for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

If you’re going to upgrade your kitchen, think about more than just the cabinets and countertops. Here are some amazing items that will make your cooking easier – and just might impress a future buyer of your house.

Buying a Computer to Save on More Computers

The lowest-priced and most-maligned Kindle e-reader comes with ads. But if you time it right, you can buy one for $114 and save nearly twice that on something else. For me, it was a new Mac laptop.

How to Build a Dream Home During a Recession

Why did we build a house when buying an existing one would’ve been cheaper? It was an emotional decision, but my husband and I learned a lot. Too bad we didn’t save a lot.