Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson, Writer

I've been a journalist in broadcast news for 12 years. I began my career in Upper Michigan and worked in several newsrooms, for all major network affiliates. Before joining Money Talks News in 2009, I worked as South Florida's first "Mobile Journalist," for WFOR. I worked as a solo-journalist where I would shoot, edit, write and report my stories then be live on the air for several newscasts. Before the move to South Florida, I worked as a reporter and photojournalist for WXMI-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While at WXMI, I took on cold cases with a weekly franchise, "West Michigan's Most Wanted." I also reported general assignment news. I also instructed at the Connecticut School of Broadcast in Doral, FL -- working closely with students as they launch careers in the broadcast industry. I'm also a U.S. correspondent for NTN24 News based in Bogota, Colombia. Covering Latin American stories in English. I'm proud of my work as a journalist because we're one of the only professions that fights for the rights of people who can't fight for themselves. And now I'm thrilled to be doing that with Stacy Johnson at Money Talks News as a reporter and producer. In my free time, I enjoy aviation, technology and spending time with my wife Diane and dog Lilly.


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