Krystal Steinmetz

Krystal Steinmetz, Writer

A former television and radio reporter, I stay at home with my two young children, run a small craft business and freelance for Money Talks News. I have a BA in journalism from the University of Montana. Montana born and raised, I spent my childhood in the mountains, and now live in the rural plains of northern Montana. You can usually find me reading, working on home improvement projects, creating new chic crafts and chasing after my energetic kiddos.


You Can Own a Piece of Olympic History

Memorabilia from the Rio Olympic Games — including torches used to carry the Olympic flame, match-used balls and flags from the opening and closing ceremonies — are hitting the auction block.

Go to the Movies for Free on Aug. 20

You can enjoy a free movie and discounted concession snacks at all Cinemark theaters on Saturday — all while helping raise money for charity.