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Way to Save #84: Sell Your Own Home

Real estate commissions are among the costliest of fees, especially considering the value you get in return. If you’re in a lousy housing market, you may not have a choice: realtors will expose your home to the maximum number of … Continued

Way to Save #82: Buy Stocks Direct

You can buy nearly 1,000 different stocks by going direct to the company that issues them. While the fees charged for doing this vary from company to company, they are often much less than the fees you’d pay by going … Continued

Way to Save #81: Don't Buy "Load" Mutual Funds

A “load” refers to a commission, and there’s no reason for you to ever pay one. If you’re buying a mutual fund through a financial advisor of any kind (except ones you pay by the hour), you’re undoubtedly going to … Continued

Way to Save #80: Get A Retirement Plan

Join your employer’s voluntary retirement plan, especially if it offers a match. After your debts are paid off, saving through a retirement plan has some great advantages, like investing automatically and being able to defer the taxes on the money … Continued

Way to Save #79: Know The Lingo

When we shop for credit cards, or any loans for that matter, the focus is always on the interest rate you’re being charged. While that’s obviously the main thing, it’s not the only thing. In the case of credit cards, … Continued

Way to Save #78: Check For "Stealth" Fees

Hidden fees abound in credit cards. They include fees for going over your credit limit, transferring your balance to another company and paying late. The only way you have of finding out about these fees is to call the issuer … Continued