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Way to Save #141: Stop Being So Clean

Americans can be obsessive when it comes to cleaning our clothes. Result? High dry-cleaning bills, high utility bills and high clothing bills. Nobody’s suggesting you should use body odor to cull your circle of friends, but the fact is that … Continued

Way to Save #140: Buy Yesterday's Technology

One of the fundamental ways to save money is to buy yesterday’s technology. An older computer may not play Solitaire at the speed of light, but it will probably be perfectly adequate for the tasks normal people use computers for. … Continued

Way to Save #137: Clean Your Own Carpets

A carpet-cleaning machine is a great neighborhood co-op tool. Share the cost (maybe you can find one at a yard sale) with your neighbors and everybody on the block saves $100 a year or more in carpet cleaning costs.

Way to Save #136: Repaint In White

Painting is one of the few home improvements you can make that normally add more value to a home than it costs, assuming you do it yourself. White paint is usually cheaper, doesn’t fade, makes rooms look bigger and goes … Continued

Way to Save #135: Don't Buy Softener Sheets

Don’t buy drier softening sheets. Instead, mix up a spray bottle with half water and half fabric softener. Spray a washcloth with the mixture and toss it in the dryer.