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Way to Save #126: Know The Phone Lingo

It’s hard to shop smart for something when you don’t know what questions to ask. In long-distance land, there are three major ones. First, “What is your cost per minute?” Second, “What is your billing increment?” Billing increment is crucial … Continued

Way to Save #125: Shop Your Long Distance

Internet sites like and can help you find the best long distance calling plan for your needs. If you don’t have Internet access, go to the library. Remember: part of your monthly phone bill goes to pay for … Continued

Way to Save #124: Turn The Tables On Telemarketers

One of the most popular TV news stories I’ve ever done involves changing from victim to predator in the cold-calling jungle. Here’s how it works. Federal law requires that almost anyone who solicits you by phone give you their name … Continued

Way to Save #123: Hang Up On Frills

The phone company is a master at getting us to buy services. They sell your phone number to telemarketers, then sell you caller ID to thwart them. In round two, they sell services that block caller ID to telemarketers, then … Continued

Way to Save #121: Use The Internet

Email is free. Long distance calling isn’t (unless you also do that on the Internet!) The Internet is also a great free way to find numbers instead of using directory assistance. But if you are going to use directory assistance, … Continued

Way to Save #120: Oven Etiquette

Use energy saving appliances like microwaves, pressure cookers and toaster ovens instead of always using the oven or stove. You can buy ‘em cheap at yard sales. Turn off your electric burner three minutes before the rice or pasta recipe … Continued