Linda Doell

Linda Doell

Linda Doell has written for Money Talks News.


Resolutions 2013: How to Find Financial Help

It’s a common resolution: destroy debt. But it’s tough to embark on a debt-destroying mission when your debt is already destroying you. If you need help, make this the year you get it: Call a credit counselor. Here’s how to find the right one.

15 Ways to Make Up for Higher Taxes

All holidays have to end – including the payroll tax holiday. If you make $50,000 a year, increased Social Security withholding means you’ll take home $1,000 less in 2013 than you did last year. How can you make up the shortfall? Let’s count the ways.

7 Controversial Celebrity Endorsements

Beyonce Knowles-Carter is being pressured to end a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi. She’s not alone. Here are more examples of celebs who got heat for products they backed, and companies that got heat for the superstars they chose.