Michael Koretzky

Michael Koretzky, Writer

Journalism is a profession of highs and lows. I've covered the 1988 Democratic and Republican national conventions, two space shuttle launches and one landing, and a jazz festival in Istanbul. Then again, shock rocker Marilyn Manson threatened to kill me, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell called me an idiot, and Larry King told me my fly was down.

4 Sites to Check Before Buying a New Car

Last week, J.D. Power and Associates released its annual “Initial Quality Study,” and the hype is continuing right through this week. But there’s some news the carmakers don’t want you to know – like overall quality is declining.

In Despair About the Economy? Read This!

Times are tough these days, but apparently, they were in the old days, too. We just don’t remember. Here’s a quick look at sound bites from long ago that could have been uttered on last night’s news.

Money in a Minute: Headlines From Around the Web

In today’s news: The economy isn’t looking so hot, homes are selling for cash, Apple will update the iPhone, GM recalls crossovers, troop withdrawals won’t save all that much, and two office supply stores might merge.