Michael Koretzky

Michael Koretzky, Writer

Journalism is a profession of highs and lows. I've covered the 1988 Democratic and Republican national conventions, two space shuttle launches and one landing, and a jazz festival in Istanbul. Then again, shock rocker Marilyn Manson threatened to kill me, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell called me an idiot, and Larry King told me my fly was down.

Money in a Minute: Headlines From Around the Web

In today’s news: Saudis cut oil production, Greenspan says tax cuts need to lapse, Bank of America isn’t banking on big profits, e-books outsell paper ones, and a list of cars that go fast for cheap.

Money in a Minute: Headlines for April 15, 2011

In today’s news: More Americans than ever aren’t saving for retirement, more aren’t working, foreclosures are down, prepaid card usage is up, and the white iPhone may finally arrive.

Money in a Minute: Headlines for April 14, 2011

In today’s news: Obama promises to cut trillions, one in six Americans are on the federal dole, more jobs are being posted than in years, stores report slightly higher sales, and the government may force airlines to pay for your lost luggage.

Money in a Minute: Headlines for April 12, 2011

In today’s news: A Republican budget-cutting plan is criticized by another Republican, gas consumption drops as gas prices climb, Amazon will sell a cheaper Kindle – with a catch – Nissan’s electric cars need a jolt, and Wal-Mart cuts prices.