Renee Morad

Renee Morad has written for Money Talks News.


6 Outrageous Things Parents Spend Money On

Dresses and strollers costing thousands of dollars seem excessive. But that’s nothing compared to a $12,500 obstacle course, a $54,000 luxury playhouse, and a $350,000 dinosaur.

10 Popular Money Questions Answered

Should you use a cash-back or rewards credit card? Buy or lease a car? Give your kids allowance or pay for chores? Here are the quick answers to some common money questions.

Beware of Sandy Scammers

As many victims pick up the pieces after Superstorm Sandy’s destruction, they should be cautious of scammers looking to take advantage of their misfortune.

10 Money Mistakes That Can Ruin a Marriage

Research suggests the way you and your spouse handle money is a significant predictor of whether you’ll have a long-lasting marriage. What should you look out for?