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Sometimes we only “get” that much of our buying habits has become a burden, once we are forced to live on less income. I used to go to thrift stores or garage sales to relieve stress, and almost always found something to buy. Now, I only go to buy something I can sell. But only a few items at a time, until they’re sold.

I’ve seen so many people take up their “living” space with “dead” things, that they are forced into narrow pathways in their home. Plus, they’re paying to store more dead stuff in a storage unit, many times over the value of the things in storage. It’s an American habit that can bring us down, financially and emotionally, over time.

I live with someone who buys compulsively, mainly paper goods, kitchen gadgets (he has 5 coffee makers)canned and bottled food, and extra large sizes of things. He has 8 boxes of toothpaste, 8 jars of flax oil, 12 bottles of a variety of salad dressings, and cases of bottled drinks. He says he does this so he doesn’t have to go to the store so often, but he still goes several times a week.

I’m constantly having to work around all this excess, which does get to me at times.