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The American president still needs to govern by and through Congress, so the question is, what kind of Congress will be impanelled in the coming years? With the GOP holding the majority, a Democratic president will change things very little. Also, with Citizens United, and the SCOTUS decision allowing corporations rights like natural persons, the law of the land will be whatever lobbyists for corporations and PACS decide it will be. Expect that for the lower and middle classes, things will become more difficult, or at best stay the same. For the highest earners, $250,000 per year and above, I think there will be no great changes to their bottom lines.
Now, let’s go to an improbable scenario: that a Democratic majority of very liberal Congress members is elected (very unlikely in the House, where only a third of the entire House is up for re-election in any given two-year cycle), AND a liberal Democratic wins the Oval Office. (Not Hillary – think Bernie Sanders).
The ACA will continue, the minimum wage may be raised modestly, social security will be strengthened, most likely by raising the contribution cutoff. Small change for the high earners, modest benefits for the middle class, better hope for the lowest earners. America is so large a country that change is small, modest and incremental, so my money (and I would be willing to risk a twenty dollar bet) is that the status quo will not change on any topic you mentioned.