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I was in this situation about 6 years ago. I got a job at a well known local car dealer. I opened a free checking and savings account at their bank. I didn’t choose direct deposit and had no problem opening these accounts. There could be a difference between bad credit and writing bad checks in the past. You may want to ask some local bank managers. If they never wrote bad checks I think they would be ok to open a bank account. They will need proper ID. Again, check with local banks as to what they except. I had a Drivers License and got a SS card. My credit was bad as I was in default on two credit cards and did have a over draw credit account at my previous bank. That bank was bought out by a larger bank so maybe it fell through the cracks. Banks are looking to add customers so they can collect fees and make money. A new branch or bank may not look to far in someones past. Good luck and let us know what you find out.