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Stacy, I jumped off the cliff just about a year ago, at age 60. I can make it through to social security with no problem, and have enough savings built up to carry me through to the 401K and annuity points. But health insurance is a royal PITA. You can sign up for a ‘non-qualified’ plan for 11 months, which is what I did, and you can probably renew that for another 11 months (I’m about to find out). It runs me $350/month. It hasn’t paid me a single dime yet, but it will cover catastrophic after $2,500 out-of-pocket. Which will work for me. It is almost impossible to do ACA for the first year, as it is based on last year’s income, at which point I was way out of bounds. I’ll look again when enrollment comes up this fall.

The best thing I’ve found is good old negotiation. I had about $1,300 of labs at one point this year, and I took the bills to the hospital that did the labs and started fussing. They asked how I would pay, and I said, “by check, right now”. They knocked it down to $600. I’ve had similar results with various doctors. And I’ve taken advantage of “cheap lab Saturday” by our local clinic, and similar free/reduced price specials here and there.

It is incredibly stupid that these are our choices, but it beat working another five years for me anyway.