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It is towards the end of October and the muddy waters are starting to be less dense. Clinton appears to be getting the lions share of the party support and Trump for the republican side. Can Trump really take on and be a persona fit to be POTUS? It is crazy what is going on in the House of Representatives and the Speaker. The Freedom Caucus will still likely stand by their positions and not much can be pushed forward. Collectively, I hope all are working toward the betterment of the American people.

Outside of the political arena, gas is getting cheaper, employment is picking up (ebb and flow), perhaps the economy will take on its next step – raise the spending ability of the middle class. On pensions and social security, the demographic trend is that more retirees will be drawing from the funds that fewer active workers are paying into – it does not seem to be a sustainable scenario. I am concerned over my future ability to draw on my share of the funds that I paid into.