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Not sure of the (monetary and legal) relationship of your husband and his mother.

Who is her court-appointed conservator?

Whose VA benefits is your husband applying for (your MIL is she was in the armed forces?)

I’m not an attorney, but I don’t think that the VA will reimburse if your husband uses his funds to cover his mom’s expenses.

Can you move your MIL out of that facility and apply for Medicaid for her?

Also, next time, don’t sign on personally but as a conservator so you won’t be legally liable for her bills.

I have a pre-paid legal plan called Legal Shield that I used to help settle my MIL’s estate 6 years ago.

For a small amount each month (I pay $15.95) you can get a specialized attorney and ask unlimited questions on any topic. There is a case file assigned to each topic/subject. You will get one free document review and also a letter sent out. Then, any other services are at a discount.

I find that I settle most of my situations on my own with the ability to ask a lot of questions and run scenarios by the lawyers; and only a handful of times did I need a letter sent out. But one letter usually does the trick.