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So you have completely limited yourself, moved, stay out of gathering any significant assets, for seven years and counting, because of a seven thousand dollar debt? You pay extra for postal money orders to avoid having a checking account? You have completely altered your way of life for years, and that has probably cost you several times over what paying that stupid debt would cost. You will never be safe until you get the tax monkey off your back. The judgment for credit card debt is probably going to raise up several times over your lifetime as debt scavengers buy that debt for pennies on the dollar and hope to collect. That one you might arguably fight. Get ahead of this, with legal advice from a tax lawyer, and get on a payment plan. They may be willing to settle for a lesser sum if you can raise the $$ in a lump sum to do that, just get it in writing. It sounds as though you have been stewing about this for years and it would relieve you to get it over with. If you had agreed to pay the seven grand over these seven years, it would have been under $20 a week, and you would be DONE. If you have any dependents, understand that even your meager estate could be held liable for the tax debt, and if your heirs spend that money before they pay the tax, they are now on the hook.