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This is the elite pigs that have been taught nothing but to figure out how to steal from the working class or belong to organised crime. Drugs are coming into this country at a rate no other country sees or profits from drugs anyway. Not one candidate even dare run on a plat form of stopping the corruption and embracing democracy by letting the people vote on more issues. The people Citizens should be voting from their homes and phones on many more issues. War on terrorism and drugs and the amount of people incarcerated is just beyond sanity. This country is corrupt to the core. Any one who has made real efforts to change this ends up DEAD!! The law enforcement agencies are corrupt and have taken over the government…ie the CIA DEA FBI Homeland Security along with the major corporations now having their own private armies we are mostly not even aware of. The people lost the country some time ago and just ride out the corruption. It gets worse and worse for the working class every year.