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Read your owner’s manual. I am not familiar with what type of timing belt Hyundai uses. Many or most cars use a reinforced rubber belt that drives the water pump, alternator, camshafts, power steering, etc. If your car has a non-interference belt and it breaks the car will simply stop running but cause no real harm . You have it towed and the belt replaced. If it is an interference engine and the belt breaks and the valves stay in place they will be bent by the piston and $1000 will be that start of your bill . ask the Hyundai service manager.

Some cars, my Honda 2004 Element has a steel belt with a tension idler that is considered good for the life of the car but only a fool would not have it inspected at about 150,000 miles.

Car maker list 60,000 to 90,000 miles replacement for rubber belts . Beyond that is a gamble. You may go years or not but my guess is you probably have some margin of error. DO NOT ask a friend, ask a reliable mechanic about your particular car. I would start with the owner’s manual then join a Hyundai Forum and visit a Hyundai service area. If you decide on replacement many auto repair shops can do the work, ask around, many for far less.