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Stacy JohnsonStacy Johnson

I’m assuming this is still an active, publically traded company. If so, the dividends have hopefully been reinvested into additional shares and you’ve got even more stock than you thought.

Step one: Find and contact the transfer agent for your stock: That’s the company that keeps track of who owns what shares. Do a search for “(Company) Shareholder Services.” If that doesn’t work, try “(Company) investor relations.” You can also simply call the company and ask how to contact their transfer agent.

When you get the number of the transfer agent, call them, explain the situation and they should prove very helpful.

If you open an investment account and deposit the certificates, yes, the number of shares should update. However, you still need to find out where all your dividends went. If they were mailed to you at a bad address, you may have to contact the unclaimed property department of the state the dividends were mailed to. Check and see what you can find.

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