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Raven Dupres

Inhaling fumes from chlorine bleach makes me dizzy and sick so I have found a substitute which actually works better on some stains. It’s Hydrogen Peroxide, the type you would put on a cut finger, etc.. I soak my dishcloths in it to oxygenate the smell of food that did not quite wash out even with soap. Peroxide is good for any organic stain like food, blood, sweat, saliva, whatever.It’s not good with ink, crayon, and other non-organic stains. I never tried it on blueberry or other berry stains though. Hydrogen peroxide is used in bleaching agents that are for clothes that bear the label – Do Not Use Bleach. But why spend money to purchase an expensive powder with perfume stink when a pint of peroxide can do the trick for you? You can use is on counter tops, even in kitty litter boxes. Great for cat and pooch messes once you rinse them away. Just pour over the nasty spot and the odor and stain go away.

So don’t moan and groan over the price of bleach. Good old soap and water will do a nice cleaning on your house. Use vinegar for water spots, chrome and metal faucet handles, other metals. You can even have a nice, shiny copper penny collection if you feel compelled to try money laundering! And the fumes won’t make you feel sick.