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    Does anyone know a site to go into online for making out a will. It can be papers to fill out or what ever is half way easy


    Bewildered: I recently joined MoneyTalks and observed your request. First let me tell you a little about me. For many years, I worked in the legal field as a legal secretary, paralegal, and I was a Notary Public. From my experience and knowledge, let me say this. First, there are requirements in every state that are all different, depending on where you live. When you write a will, remember it is like a “Wish List” expressing your desires upon your demise as to the distribution of your assets. A will can, and often is contested and dismissed due to lack of compliance with legal statutes in form and substance. In order to have the best outcome for your “will”, I highly recommend it be prepared by an attorney, who can verify its content and accurateness in the event of contestation to better assure your wishes. Notaries can draw up a will; HOWEVER, even though I was a notary public and qualified to write a will, I would never do so as significant consequences can arise. I will be glad to communicate with you via email, if you like.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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