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    I bought, yes paid for not downloaded for free, a recipe app from the Apple App Store. I entered more than 3,700 recipes, innumerable are irreplaceable. I updated my phone and the app no longer worked. I contacted Apple and they said I had to contact the developer. I contacted the developer and he said that he had decided to not support the app any more. He said I could send him all of my recipes and he would get them to where I could extract the information. I told him some were proprietary and I was not willing to do that. I have asked him to put the App back so that I can download it again (my information is backed up so that would fix it), but no response. I have asked him to fix the problem with the App, no response. To add insult to injury I just saw a commercial by Apple for their App store and all of the wonderful Apps they have! I paid for this App. It took me months to enter all of the recipes and the hard copies are gone because, after all, isn’t that why I entered them all in the first place? To be able to get rid of the paper? How on earth would I have suspected that this nonsense would be permitted?! I am beyond frazzled with this and do not know what to do. Someone PLEASE help!

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