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    I paid an annual fee of $95 for the United Mileage Plus Explorer card, specifically for use on United. I recently paid off the balance in full. When I tried to book four airline tickets (approximately $2500) using the card the transaction was declined, even though I should have had over $10,000 availability. I called Chase and was told they had reduced my credit limit that morning to $500. This is an AIRLINE cobranded card – you can’t buy airline tickets with a $500 credit limit! They then refused to refund my annual fee saying it was too far into the year, even though they were no longer providing the service I paid the fee to receive! DO NOT get a CHASE card if you value customer service.


    That’s pretty strange that they would lower your credit limit so drastically just out of the blue. Did something else change in your credit history? I have two Chase cards, one is associated with my Amazon account, and I haven’t had any problems with Chase. I was having some issues with my BestBuy/Citi co-branded card. It has been confusing to me at times whether I am dealing with BestBuy policies or Citi policies. Maybe Stacy could take a look at how these cards work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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