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    Hello Friends, I just started watching reruns of “COPS” Bad Boys -Bad Boys.
    They have me sick the way they carry them selfs, They carry on how dangerious
    their jobs are, their job is no more dangerous than anyone else’s.

    I was a scaffold builder and fell 80-feet off a scaffold, that’s life.
    But I see then pull someone over, if they see 2 or 3 black guy’s in a car and tell them, the reason I pulled you over is you have a crack in your tail light.. Then here it comes, you don’t have nothing in your car that you are not suppose to, well let me check for our saftey..

    One cop said, we must interigy to do this job, and 5-minutes later he say’s we are allowed to lie to the public, thats so messed up.

    I feel we need law and order in the world, and there are some good cops the ones that handle the rapest, murders, and the ones that prey on others
    But don’t turn a traffic stop into a federal case just to make points.

    I’d really like to here your take on this matter.



    I´m agree with you, in my country the police is so corrupt…. They are the same as the murders and thieves, they are all friends and live in the same places…


    There are good cops and bad cops no matter where you live. At least they now have dash cams so every stop is recorded and (everyone) involved is held accountable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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