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    As many of us know, many companies want us to pay bills via email, so they can save money and eliminate jobs.

    I already introduced myself as a librarian, just so you remember me. There are lots of hackers, who can break into all accounts and get your data and charge card codes. Please be very careful. I pay most of my bills by mail even though stamps are pricey.

    Just suggestion,



    hi Laura, like you I am VERY wary of all these breaches and computer scams happening!!!

    and also like you, I still pay via mail/stamps/check. but that can be just as bad – how many hands do your checks pass thru?

    is there no way to stay safe anymore? take care


    I only use my home computer, on my home wifi, to pay bills online or check bank balances, etc. I NEVER take this computer off my home premises, I have Norton and MacAfee virus protection and keep it updated. My tablet that I take everywhere has NO banking info on it except the Square app for accepting charge cards (I do craft shows as a jeweler) and it goes into a separate account unlinked to any other accounts at my bank. Nothing is perfect, but I check my statements like a hawk and balance my checking accounts monthly.


    Hello Everyone,

    Maybe we need pay our bills cash or back to the “barter” idea!!



    are there any recommendations in re “computer fixing” companies, i.e. reliable, affordable means of protecting against scams, hacks, unwanted cookies? also, can anyone recommend an organization that can be relied on to “clean” the computer. i’ve tried cleaning my computer on my own and deleted cookies that were necessary. how does one differentiate between necessary and unnecessary/unwanted stuff on one’s computer? as I do not play any games on the computer, my needs are very basic.



    I have a Dell and when my pc needs repair; I take to the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

    Good Luck!

    Stacy JohnsonStacy Johnson

    Some thoughts: First, while the threats from hackers are obviously very real, they’re not so intense you should forgo modern conveniences like online bill-pay. Use them: the upside is worth the risk.

    Next, if you want to protect your computer and/or wonder what programs you can remove, a site like CNET can help. So can this one, for that matter. For example, here’s a search you can do. Put these words into Google: best free antivirus protection

    or this search: best free antivirus protection

    See what you come up with. Download a free program or programs, install them and relax. In short, while you should always be vigilant, don’t be so afraid you don’t harness the power of modern technology.

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