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    I need advice that will help my 85 year old dad who has an account with Directv.

    I received a bill for my father and he was basically deceived as a result of a service call. He had asked someone to come out on December 30th because the receiver wasn’t working properly. They switched out the receiver and put in an advance receiver with HD DVR adding $25 per month to his bill. My parents don’t do recording they just want basic service and they only have two TV’s. Customer service told me that it was final once he started using it and to return it there would be a $69 fee and its a 2 year contract.

    Do you know any way he can get out of this? Anyone I can complain to because they upsold a senior citizen that doesn’t know any better.

    I plan to contact a supervisor, but want first to get equipped with any lingo, laws or information I can share them to correct this situation.

    Also, does anyone know the outcome of the lawsuit filed against Directv in March of 2015?

    Thank you


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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