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    hi, I need some major advice. My Mom is disabled, she is completely non-ambulatory, on 24/7 oxygen, has heart and lung disease and also has dementia. She is in a Medicaid long term care facility as a resident and it takes her monthly social security check as her only source of income to pay her room and board. Because of this she has no extra money to pay her accumulated credit card debt. I have POA over her and have sent registered letters to her creditors informing them of such but they have since turned them all over to debt collectors and we get numerous phone calls every day and letters in the mail. She lives in Florida and I am at a loss as to what I can do to remedy all of this. I don’t have the income to pay her debts either. Any advice is greatly appreciated. thank you


    Unless you are a co-signer on her credit cards and other debts (this is different from having Power of Attorney) you are not responsible for the debts, they cannot affect YOUR credit (no matter what the lowlife collectors say). You have sent them all letters, and I assume kept copies. Depending on the state in which you live, there may even be fines or damages you can collect from these guys if they persist after notification. If you are a co-signer, however, you might be on the hook for that debt, check with the consumer advocates in your state as to your status regarding her debts, and maybe look up Florida’s consumer affairs people. Remember, the collectors are absolute scum and DO NOT CARE if you are legally right, unless you sic the law on them. They will continue to call to try to annoy/scare/bully/fake-friend you into paying SOMETHING. Do not pay a penny you don’t think you owe, make them show you where they think you are on the credit card as responsible, and get everything in writing, with the name of who you dealt with. Good luck.

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