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    Stacy JohnsonStacy Johnson

    I’m the founder of this site. I’ve been doing consumer and personal finance news on TV since 1991. Before that, I spent 10 years as an investment adviser and before that I was an accountant for 3.

    My home is in Fort Lauderdale, and I love boating, riding bikes (both motor and the pedal kind) and adventures of all kinds. But my passion is helping people understand money!


    Hi Stacy, My name is Kathy. I have used MoneyTalksNews for a couple of years now in my Personal Finance and Economics classes. I really appreciate your website and I want to commend you for doing such a great job. Please keep up the good work. Your article are insightful and very current. I know my students get a lot from them. Thank you!!!!


    Hi! I’m Glena from Arkansas. I love getting the emails from MoneyTalkNews. I learn some valuable things. My husband is a disabled veteran so we are on a fixed income. We still use financial advice. Thank you so much for having such a great website!


    Hi Stacy. I’m John, a fellow Floridian (since 2002). I have subscribed and read MTN daily for a number of years. I’m looking forward to the utilizing new forum for even more insight from others. Thanks,


    Hello Stacy, we are practically neighbors, I live in west Pines. Love the site and videos.


    Hi Stacy! I live in Illinois, and am nearing the retirement age. My husband and I got in over our heads just before the real estate crash, but we are heading to debt-free in the next two years or so (including the mortgage!) I am a black-belt tightwad, numbers nerd, and always looking for ways to learn more and to help others.


    Hello, Stacy, I am Joe – aka Waterdude. I am interested in your input on the three or so items I started in General Discussion. I receive and read the articles on your MTN and find them insightful and chock full of useful advice and things to know. I also like the articles from Steinmetz and Bowsher. I write from the other coast of the USA in California where we are in a severe drought. I am looking at possible retirement at 60 in 7 years and so am interested in topics of retirement, planning, investment, saving, and all that. I have also looked at other sites that you’ve pulled from – MSN, CNBC, Kiplinger, USA Today Money, others. Thanks on helping folks gain a better understanding of these essential topics that they do not teach on, or not very well, at school.


    hello stacy! how are you doing today? i never knew most of this stuff at all. i am glad that i found this website for everything that is needed especially today in the world that we are living in

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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