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    I find Money Talks News very informative, and though I’m retired, living on Social Security, I’ve always been able to find ways to save money, and make money when I need to. None of my friends are in that category, so they look to me for information and advice.

    I started my first business in 1983 while living on the Big Island, with no money, no experience, and no knowledge of the industry. And, I was a “reluctant entrepreneur”! Although I don’t own that business anymore, it’s still going strong 35 years later, now being run by a person I hired to do graphic art.

    It was the most exciting work I’ve experienced, and I looked forward to each day for 12 years. I rarely hear anyone say they look forward to going to work. So, I count myself as very fortunate.

    Nowadays I entertain myself with writing and photography. I’ve recently become a pet advocate” sharing what many consider “difficult truths”. Although I don’t have my own website, I do contribute to others on a daily basis.

    I enjoy using some of the tips from MTN, and always look forward to reading it. Thank you for creating this forum!

    Shandi M
    Northern California


    “difficult truths”? Sounds intriguing. I was a stable owner, competitive rider, and horse owner, as well as a serial pet owner (dogs and cats) so I would like your perspective.


    Hi Sherrie,

    Thank you for asking!

    The “difficult truths” have to do with what I’ve discovered about the horrible ingredients in most pet food (in addition to rendered parts we know of, euthanized animals from shelters/vets, many of which contain drugs), all “prescription” pet food, collusion of vets with “prescription” pet food manufacturers, and deadly side effects of vaccines and drugs administered by vets.

    As pet guardians, we want to trust the vet we’ve chosen, and are reluctant to accept what may be “difficult
    truths” about them. We feel helpless to do anything but take their advice, and if they’re “nice or friendly”, it makes things that much worse. We don’t realize that most vets know little or nothing about nutrition, since their 2 week training comes from Hills and Royal Canin. Guess what brands they push? We know that “we are what we eat” and diet plays a big role in health. When our pets get sick, the vet rarely looks at diet as the culprit. Advising us about changing food wouldn’t be a good business model, except to recommend prescription foods as they’ve learned to do, besides most don’t know much about it.

    I’ve learned about pet food ingredient analysis, and was in shock when I read the ingredients of so called “prescription foods”, which have the same ingredients as the cheapest pet food available. There really is nothing about these foods that warrant the term “prescription”. It’s just a marketing con.

    I’ve learned the difference between pet “food” and pet “feed”. Feed is used to fatten farm animals for slaughter. The reason we have an epidemic of fat domestic animals is that they are being given “feed” instead of food. GMOs aren’t healthy for us, or for our animals.

    My focus has been on cats, since I went through a 3 month period of health issues with my cat that started with constipation. She was given anti-biotics, without any testing. She suffered side effects of that, and I learned later that the particular drug was responsible for serious side effects, such as overnight blindness in some animals. Then she got an ear infection, and I decided to try a different vet. They saw no infection, just “debri”. So they gave her a drug before they cleaned her ears. The next morning, her pupils were different sizes, and she was staggering around unable to keep her balance. They said to bring her in immediately, since she was suffering a side effect. They gave her a drug to reverse the side effects. They kept her overnight, and when I picked her up, she was no better. She continued to be off balance for 3 weeks. I did some research, and found that the drug had been recalled a year before.

    The vet also suggested that I give her Lactulose 4 times a day, which I refused to do. I wanted to get to the root of the problem, not just respond to the symptoms. I gave it to her about 3 times a week, which helped. But the biggest and most immediate solution came when I started giving her raw pet food made locally. From the first day, her constipation issues were gone, and she cleaned her plate like she’d never done with anything else I gave her. Her fur is soft and shiny.

    Fortunately, she got back to normal, but it was a very stressful time for both of us. I’ve continued to do
    research on the side effects of the drugs she was given, which I was never informed about. I share these with my local bulletin board, and on various cat sites.

    Many of us have learned about the value of questioning our own health practitioners, but are reluctant when it comes to the vets. It’s time for us to take a stand for our pets.

    I love horses, but have never had one, so I can’t offer any advice. But it’s just a matter of research. My position in general is “Question Authority”.

    I subscribe to various websites which are very educational: http://www.TruthAboutPetFood.com, http://www.PetFoodRatings.org, http://www.CatInfo.org. I get recall information emailed to me.

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