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    I was wondering how many people have sought out mentors to further help them along in their pursuit of a successful life.

    My wife has a friend of the family who is a very successful businessman, and involved in real estate now at a large level. I have asked him before if he would be willing to sit down and talk and he said he would be willing. I don’t know him very well, but I think he would be a great source to learn from. I am a little nervous though to approach the guy as he has been quite successful and quite intelligent. I own a duplex and am interested in acquiring more rentals so I feel he would be great to learn from. Does anyone have some good information on how to find a mentor, and then once you find a mentor how do you go about asking questions? Kind of like a general guideline for mentorship questions. Any response on this would be great. I would really appreciate hearing from Mr. Stacy Johnson.

    thanks so much,

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