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    2016 resolution is to jot down, in a small notebook in the car, the odometer reading start and finish of every trip and the purpose for that trip. We live in the country, so everything is some miles away. We have income property, and every trip there is over 20 miles roundtrip. The volunteer work takes me 40 miles roundtrip, and checking on a booth I have in a craft mall is 20 miles. This adds up, it isn’t hard or time consuming to do, and that’s a few more $$ off my taxes at the end of the year. My husband is executor on a relative’s estate, and getting the house cleaned out and ready to sell involves roundtrips over 100 miles! Yes, the accountant says that is reimbursable mileage, which comes out of the estate, rather than off the taxes. One more reason to keep mileage records.

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