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    Hi Stacy . I am having a question about Obama health care :

    I am 59 , no work , having some cash saving monies in the banks , I am currently
    having State of California Healthcare .

    ( I applied under Obama healthcare program , I qualified because I have no INCOME even I do have some cash monies .
    Application form did not require to state assets…..).

    The question is When my cash monies do earn interest income , Will
    I loose my healthcare ? ( what is the limit of maximum interest income
    that would disqualify me for California health care ? I have to report the interest income even they are just few hundreds dollars in a year ? )….

    For now I am OK since I do not have any income , right ?

    I am plan to retire ( not working ) until age 62 , then apply for
    social security money . So the maximum income is also my concern for
    future continuing qualify for California Healthcare ( It is also call Medicare ).

    Will I still qualify for Healthcare when I am 62 ?

    Please advice about my current and future status .


    Stacy JohnsonStacy Johnson

    Yes, you’ll still qualify for healthcare when you’re 62. And while income of any kind (including interest) could affect your Obamacare subsidy, the amount of your savings won’t.


    Thanks Stacy .

    1 more question if I may :
    Am I require to live in USA all the time , in order to continue my California health care ? ( I am traveling out side USA many months in a year ) .

    Thanks again Stacy.

    Stacy JohnsonStacy Johnson

    That question I’m not sure of. My guess would be that if you’re an American citizen and permanent resident, you’re entitled to your California health care. That care may only be available, however, when you’re in the country.


    Thanks Stacy . I am a US citizen for 35 yrs already . I am thinking that I required to be California resident, for continuing my California health care .
    I know that the health care only good , when I am living in California or in
    the country .

    Thanks again Stacy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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