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    Many of you probably know this, but popping popcorn is very easy in the microwave. Bought popcorn with all the grease and using a pot to pop it…waay too much trouble for me.
    Just buy some smallish lunch bags like the ones kids take to school. dump a small amount of popcorn –say 1/4 cup–into the bag and using a knife, puncture two holes/slots about 2″ from the top, close enough together that you can thread a toothpick into it to secure the top of the bag through the slits.
    <<|<<<<<|>> like so, looping it through the back and back to the front slit.

    Fold the top down to right above the toothpick, and fold it again, depending on how high your microwave is, crease it a little, and then set the bag in the microwave oven in the center. Set for 2.5 min on high but LISTEN to where it starts slowing down and there are 3-4 seconds between pops and remove quickly. Empty in bowl, spray lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with parmesan or simply salt or other flavorings and there you have it. Easy, quick, tasty and wholesome, no additives anywhere. The unpopped kernels can simply be put back in with the rest of the bagged unpopped popcorn (About $1.89 for 2 LBS at the store) and it pops up kinda interesting the next time..like little mushrooms and tasty 🙂

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