Free Cell Phones, Free Minutes

Thanks to a program called “Lifeline”, many Americans who can not afford one are eligible to receive a free cell phone with free minutes.

(MONEY TALKS NEWS) – What would we ever do without the cell phone? It’s become a convenient but expensive part of modern life. Over 80% of Americans own a cell phone, and for nearly half, it’s their only phone.

For those with little income, or looking for a job, not having a phone isn’t just about missed calls from family and friends; it’s about missed opportunities from employers. There is help out there in the form of pre-paid phone cards and cell phones, partially funded by Uncle Sam.

“We provide a free cell phone, and free monthly minutes, to those who qualify by income or any other social service program from the state,” Jose Fuentes tells Money Talks News.

Fuentes works for Safe Link Wireless, one of many companies providing discounted phone services through a program called “Lifeline” funded by the Universal Service Fund. It’s one of the fees you may notice on your phone bill.

In the case of Safe Link’s program, it’s not a huge giveaway. Depending on where you live, you’ll get a free phone and about an hour of talk-time a month. Not much, but enough for a lifeline to family or potential employers. See if you qualify here:

“The majority of our customers are very savvy with their minutes,” Fuentes adds. So far, the Safe Link service is only available in 17 states. But no matter where you live, there’s some program that could help you.

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  • Azzy

    well, Stacy your doing great job. keep it up .
    thanks alot

  • WadeCounty

    I know a few people actually are taking part in this program. They filled out the application and qualified and within 2 weeks, received their cell phone in the mail. Once they set it up, they received about 65 minutes each month and have been using it like a regular phone. One of my friends actually only uses the phone for emergencies though. She has frequent health problems so she needs to have constant access to communication. Overall, I think its a worthy program and really gaining some positive exposure. Keep it up TracFone!

  • wanda

    how can i get a free phone w minutes without going thru safelink is there another plan?

  • Jermaine

    How can i get a free phone in my area?

  • Bryana

    Well, I think that safelink doesn’t give a lot of minutes per month. I think that gives more mintues and a free phone check it out!!!!!!!

  • Betty Johnson

    I only want a cell phone for emergencies when I am away from home. I want to be able to take a trip in my car
    by myself and know I will be safe. It would be for when my car breaks down or when I would see someone in
    trouble on the road. I live in Portland, OR. Please reply! Thank you!

  • nitric oxide supplements

    but what if you want to reach out to someone without a computer? There are other services like Talkster that allow you to call a land line for free… with a few caveats. The service supplies their own local numbers that you have to call first, you might have to listen to an ad before your call beings and it’s only free if you’re calling one of some 50-odd countries, but free is free.

  • dawnmariefoley134

    umm we should have free cell phones and free minutes for are phone in nova scotia

  • Gordon McFeders
    • Rick Ferguson

      Erm why would you put your personal info here!!?? Send SafeLink your info or log into the site and check your status!

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