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Whether it’s finding help with debt, finding a better mortgage or finding a low-interest car loan, if you have a money problem, our Solutions Center can help you solve it.

Have you visited the Money Talks News Solutions Center lately?

This is the place to go for expert help with everything from credit consolidation to finding a low-interest mortgage or car loan. You’ll see it above every article on the site in the thin black line above, under the sharing buttons. It’s also on the right side of our home page.

To ensure the best solutions for every money-related issue, we’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in personal finance. Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll find.

Help with credit card, tax and student loan debt

You’ll note there are separate buttons in the Solutions Center for credit card debt, tax debt and student loan debt. Each will take you to a unique page containing resources for do-it-yourself solutions, as well as links to get professional help from our debt partner,

You’ll find links to useful stories like “5 Quick Ways to Get Out of Credit Card Debt,” “Help! I Can’t Afford My Tax Bill” and “What Can I Do About My Student Loan Debt?

If you need professional help, you’ll also find a form you can fill out to talk to a professional in each of these areas. There’s never an obligation, and initial consultations are always free.

Help with your credit history and credit score

Click the “credit restoration” button in the Solutions Center for advice and help to repair your credit history and raise your credit score.

You’ll see links to stories like “Ask Stacy: Can I Repair My Own Credit?” and “10 Little-Known Actions That Sabotage Your Credit Score.” You’ll also find a form that will put you in touch with a professional credit restoration company.

As I’ve said in many stories over the years, you should never need to hire a pro to help with credit repair because there’s nothing they can do for you that you can’t do yourself for free. But if you insist on hiring help, at least you can trust that our partner won’t rip you off.

Collector harassment

The “collector harassment” button is for those being hounded by debt collectors. Click it to be taken to stories like “The Ultimate Guide to Debt Collection” and “4 Steps to Get Debt Collectors Off Your Back.”

Many people don’t realize they can get free legal representation from a consumer lawyer if debt collectors use abusive tactics, something all too common in debt collection. Filling out the form on this page will hook you up with one, free.

Find a better credit card

Click the “credit card” button to be taken to a credit card search from our credit card partner, Informa.

Using the best credit card for your situation means lower interest rates, free flights and hotels, or maximum cash back on everyday purchases. Most Americans don’t shop their plastic, and as a result, pay too much in interest or fail to optimize their rewards.

It only takes a few minutes to shop your cards. Do it every now and then.

Find a better mortgage

Borrow $250,000 with a 30-year, 4 percent fixed-rate mortgage, and over the life of the loan you’ll pay $179,674 in interest. But increase the rate to 6 percent, and you’ll pay $289,595. That’s a difference of nearly $110,000, enough to help you retire earlier, start a business or put your kids through college.

If you’re shopping for a mortgage, either for a purchase or refinance, click the “mortgage” button to instantly shop the best rates and terms. It will take you to a mortgage search tool from our partner Informa.

Cut the cost of insurance

Insurance is one of those things we need but hate to deal with. Result? We pay too much because we rarely shop it. Whether it’s home or car, click the “insurance plan” button and our partner can show you if there’s a company out there that can beat what you’re paying now.

Find a better savings account

Savings accounts are paying next to nothing these days, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. The “savings account” button will take you to a tool from partner Informa that will help you find the best rates on CDs, interest checking and money market accounts.

Find a better loan

Click the “car loan” button to be taken to a Car Loan Search from our credit card partner, MoveCU.

When it comes to car loans, as well as many other types of loans, credit unions tend to have the lowest rates, which is why we teamed with them. For more on credit unions, see Should I Look to Credit Unions for Loans? and 9 Reasons Credit Unions Are Better Than Big Banks.

Need a personal loan? Prosper might be able to hook you up with one that’s both easier to get and lower cost than other options.

Budgeting tools

Need to lower your stress and keep your finances on track? Grab the wheel and take control by setting savings goals, then tracking your expenses.

Click the “budget” button, and you’ll be taken to our partner PowerWallet. You give it your bank account information, set some goals, and it will keep track of where your money is going, as well as offering coupons and ideas to save more and spend less. And it’s totally free.

We get compensated

Like many websites that use affiliates, we may be compensated by businesses that provide the goods or services we recommend. That said, your trust means everything to us. That’s why we check out the companies we recommend and never recommend any company lightly.

Got other issues?

Our mission is to make money simple. One way we do that is to be your one-stop shop for money-related news, information and assistance. Unlike companies with proprietary products to pitch, we put you first by choosing partners that deliver the best possible solutions for any money-related issue.

While we may be compensated by partners, we never pick them based on what they’ll do for us. We pick them based on what they’ll do for you.

Is there a problem you’re experiencing we don’t have a solution for? We’d love to hear from you. Click here and tell us what’s on your mind.

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  • Richard Johnson

    “It only takes a few minutes to shop your [credit] cards. Do it every now and then.” I’m surprised at this advice from the usually astute Ms. Johnson. Surely she must know that adding a new credit card will immediately if not permanently lower one’s credit rating, which considers heavily the length of the person’s credit histories; and that closing an old account will exacerbate that effect. Most folks with credit cards have more than they need anyway.

    • Thanks for the comment, Richard, but you have several errors in it. 1. Shopping for credit cards doesn’t impact a credit score. Multiple credit inquiries can, however, unless they’re done within a short period. 2. Adding a new credit card can actually enhance a credit score, not decrease it, because it can lower your credit utilization ratio. 3. Adding a new credit card won’t change the length of a credit history. Even closing an account won’t impact credit history length for up to 10 years, since the account will still be reflected for that long.

      And most important, number 4: Although I have a name commonly given to women, I’m a “he” not a “she.”

  • Sara S.

    I have a unique situation and no idea what to do about my debt. My husband and I have been married less than a year. We both in that time have lost our jobs but luckily regained other employment. However I may work only eight hours a week most times. I am looking for other work. He works part time pizza delivery and pays most of our bills. He has a hard time finding better work due to past shall we say legal issues. He co-owns our home with his mother who we are not on speaking terms with nor is she allowed to be in the home legally. I also have a past bankruptcy that I was discharged from honorably. We still have a low credit rating. Is there any hope of a mortgage to get our financial lives back on track from all the bills that have piled up (and collection calls, notices, ect.) or other solutions?

    • Rick

      Depends on how low your credit score is. Also, if your husband’s mom is an owner in the house (on the title, not just the mortgage), she will have to consent to the mortgage (called a hypothecation agreement). You will also have a hard time showing steady employment.

  • kellly

    I consolidated student loans years ago because I had no other way of getting forbearance or deferment when I was struggling financially. I was working for the state at the time, but because nobody told me what my options were and I could never get the lender to respond to numerous queries for help, I got locked in to something that has only been a different problem with the new feature that now I can’t do anything further about it. I still get stonewalled when I try to find out about my options – or even if there are any. It’s been nothing but a nightmare. If I had known the problems I would have related to student loans, I seriously DOUBT I would have considered going back to school. I’m not earning much more and figuring in student loan payments, I’m left with less left over. It’s just awful.

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