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(MONEY TALKS NEWS) – While the jobless rate is higher than it’s been in years, Americans are struggling to pay for everyday needs. For many families, keeping food on the table is becoming more difficult.

“It’s tight, real tight”, William Tushinski tells Money Talks News. He and wife Gay have three growing children at home and as you can imagine, the grocery bill is high: $200-$300 per week. “We spend a lot of money on food, especially with a teenage son” Tushinski says with a nervous smile.

While a lot of programs exist to help families find food, one organization has taken the lead in affordable groceries, even up to 50% off.

Screen shot 2009-10-20 at 9.06.15 AM“If it wasn’t for Angel Food, we wouldn’t have a complete meal on our table every night, we just couldn’t supply it for our family” Gay Tushinski said.

About Angel Food

With a heart to help others and a generous spirit, Joe and Linda Wingo founded Angel Food Ministries in 1994 to provide food for friends and neighbors who were struggling financially. Today the Angel Food program now is helping provide food relief to more than 500,000 families each month.

Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit organization that buys meat, frozen vegetables, fresh fruit and even desserts from major food suppliers at wholesale. Then volunteers divide food into individual boxes and distribute them through churches. Find an Angel Food location near you

With all the good the Ministry has brought to American’s struggling with putting food on the table, the organization has seen some bad. Some members of the Angel Food Ministry, including its founder, are being investigated by the FBI for alleged financial irregularities. They have denied any wrongdoing.

A “Signature Box” will cost you $35. It’s worth about twice that. And feed a family of four for a week. Picking up the food box is also convenient. Volunteers streamline the process with drive-thrus. The program is open to anyone.

“Senior citizens actually break down in tears and thank me, because they can actually have their medicine and eat food and have food in the freezer” Director Jewel Rivers tells Money Talks News.

Bottom line, if you’re having trouble keeping food on the table, or just like the idea of a bargain, Angel Food looks appetizing.

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  • Robert Coe

    Love seeing articles that promote a ministry> This particular
    article hits very close to me as I am a host site director
    for the Angelfood Ministries in Greenfield, In.
    The food is great, yes not only am I a director I also participate in the program as well.
    I must point out that the Signature Box Runs for $30.00 and not the $35.00 as is in the article Thanks for the articles and news stories keep them coming.

  • lisa raby

    i live in henryville pa, surrounding towns are tannersville, mt pocono is there a church or organization around here affiliated with angelfood? i am currently out of work, as i am being treated for cancer. its very tough trying to keep the bills paid on time and put food on the table with only 1 income from husband. i also have a school aged child. please send email if there is something in my area.
    thank you

  • Guest

    The headline promised more information about Groceries for 50% off, not charity (which I don't need). So where is the article that tells me how to get 50% off groceries without being a charity case?

    • Guest

      You are so wrong. IS NOT A CHARITY. They don't discriminate who buys from them. The last Signature box I saw was well over the $30.00 it cost. In this day and age everyone needs to save any way they can find it. So if you just like the idea of a bargain than I dare you to see if you can get the same price and quantity out of the store.

  • Jules

    Did I read correctly that the Tushinskis pay $200-$300 a week in groceries for a family of 5? That just seems outrageous…I have four children, a cat, a dog…and we might hit $200 week. But I would say the average is $150-$175. That includes all cleaning/household products and toiletries, as well as pet food. I'd like to blame it on region, but from what I understand, we in the Northeast have one of the higher costs of living.

  • Kari

    200-300$ a week? Holy moly, I spend about that much a month for my family of four…