Heads Up for Suspicious Emails From Walmart

A wave of mysterious Walmart “password reset” notifications have been hitting inboxes, including those of people who don’t have accounts with the retailer.

It might be Phase 1 of some hacker’s master plan, or it might be nothing at all. Gizmodo reports that dozens of people have received emails asking them to reset their passwords with Walmart, and in some cases the people didn’t even have accounts.

The emails actually seem legitimate, may have been sent from a real Walmart address, and have a link in them that takes people to the actual Walmart website. Following the link is unlikely to end up giving your information to a hacker, but it may cause you trouble down the line.

A Walmart spokesman was puzzled about the emails and said the company hadn’t sent them out officially. He theorized that someone got a list of emails somewhere and then sent out the reset emails to test if that list was valid. He suspected that person might then start using the now-confirmed emails as part of a phishing scam. The spokesman would not say how many emails were sent out.

Gizmodo notes such a scenario is possible, or there could be other reasons for it, even something as simple as a bored hacker.

If you received one of the emails (they may be in your spam folder), it’s best to keep an eye on your accounts, just in case.

Did you get one of the odd emails? Let us know about it in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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