How to Find a Vet

Finding the best vet for the right price isn’t easy, but it is important.

Finding the right vet for your family pet isn’t easy… but it is important.

“They are family. If they’re sick, we’re sick. I worry about them all the time, even to find the perfect house-sitter if I want to take a vacation. They want to learn. They love to learn. and they want to be obedient. and they want to make you make you happy. That’s their goal in life.”
-Cheryl Marone, Animal Lover

Cheryl Marone doesn’t just say she loves animals… she shows it. She has more than a dozen dogs and cats: she’s taken in strays, adopted sick animals, and treats them all like family: including finding the best possile medical care. How does she suggest finding a vet?

“Word of mouth. Think of friends, think of people who have pets and I would call them up and ask them.”
-Cheryl Marone, Animal Lover

So personal referrals are the place to start. Other sources are local dog clubs… especially if you have a purebred. Or online resources like Angie’s list or review sites. And once you have a short list? Give em a call.

“The people who answer the phone it’s also very important. If I get put on hold for a long period of time, if their answers to me are suitable for me…”
-Cheryl Marone, Animal Lover

And don’t be shy when it comes to talking price.

“Prices are important: if their prices are ridiculous, I don’t bother.”
-Cheryl Marone, Animal Lover

And when you think you may have found a match, time to take your animal for an office visit. See if the facility is neat, clean and well equipped. Talk to the doctor. See how he gets along with your pet. In short, if you want the right vet, sniff around.

Bottom line? Finding the right vet is no different than finding the right doctor for your family. You just get some names, you ask some questions, and you get that feeling whether they’re the right one or not.

Stacy Johnson

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  • The number one way to pick a good vet is by personal recommendation. No matter what their practice looks like or how pleasant the receptionist is or what their advertisements say, how the vet has managed the treatment of a friend’s or neighbour’s pet says it all.

  • I would say look online and read all the reviews then pick one.

  • mike

    Unfortunately I live a few blocks from one 5th avenue veterinary specialist. The only thing special about them is charging you a small fortune for x-rays, consultations, are you declaring this an emergency visit?, and if surgery needed, you get two pages of itemized costs you don’t even understand.
    Recently I had to bring in a young kitten with a broken rear leg:
    1st visit required x-rays, surgery, overnight stay, meds galore, a “collar” that no respectable cat would put up with in 5 seconds, and a long list of do’s and don’ts. Total $2,800+
    You feel good because the initial estimate was $4,000 – $5,000. Follow up visit in 4 weeks: 2 more x-rays, another consultation ( a vets time is so valuable) for just under $500. Another app’t in 3 weeks. More x-rays, another consultation fee? [ how much consulting do I really need anyway? Just tell me the healing is coming along good? End of story. ]
    Right now I’m trying to find another vet to get this cat on the recovery road and put an end to 5th avenues relentless BS.
    Can anyone reccommend a caring vet who can vet?

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