How to Keep Free Internet at Home or in Your Pocket or Purse

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Last year we did a story called “You Can Now Get Free Internet at Home and Away.” It was about a couple of companies offering free, albeit limited, Internet service. One of the companies we mentioned in that article was FreedomPop.

When you sign up for FreedomPop, you get a small wireless Internet hot spot. Anytime you want to browse the Web, turn it on, connect a computer and you’re ready to go. You can connect up to eight devices on one account, like laptops, smartphones and tablet PCs, including iPads.

FreedomPop has different costs depending on how you browse the Web, from free on up.

First, you’ll need to buy the hot spot, which retails for up to $99. (We’re offering a much better deal, so read on.) But here’s the best part: They offer 500MB of 4G wireless Internet usage free every month. While that isn’t a lot, you can do some basic things.

For example, uSwitch says it takes 100KB to browse a Web page or read an email. Other things are bigger data hogs. Downloading a photo takes about 2MB and downloading a song, 5MB. So, you could do one of the following with 500MB:

  • Browse 5,000 Web pages.
  • Check 5,000 emails.
  • Download 250 photos.
  • Download 100 MP3s.

That’s probably enough for a very casual user, but if you use streaming services like Netflix, download a lot of music, or stay online for hours at a time, you’ll need more data.

With FreedomPop, you get 500MB free as long as you want and they never require contracts. If you go over, the next service tier is $17.99 for 2GB of data. The next tier is $28.99 per month for 4GB.

A special deal for Money Talks News readers

We’ve done two stories about FreedomPop over the last couple of years, which steered a lot of business their way. So we recently contacted the company and asked them if they wanted to partner with us by providing our readers a special deal and giving us a referral fee for new customers we help sign up. They agreed.

Here’s the special offer they came up with for our readers:

Photon 4G wireless hot spot (normally as much as $99) + 3GB of data (first month only) + free shipping for $19.99

So what you’re getting for $19.99 is a hot spot and 3GB of data during the first month. After that, you’ll get 500MB free every month.

Some important caveats:

  • As with a cellphone, before you order this or any wireless Internet service, make sure you’re in a covered area. Use this coverage map to check your area. (If you receive the hot spot and it doesn’t work, they offer a 30-day return policy.)
  • After your trial month, unless you cancel you’ll continue on the 2GB plan at the $17.99-a-month rate. Note: You must cancel within 30 days to avoid being charged. (The FreedomPop folks assure us it’s not hard to cancel. You can either do it online or by calling (888) 743-8107.) If you cancel, after the first month you’ll be on the free monthly Internet plan, which offers 500MB of free data every month — no strings attached. FreedomPop’s services don’t come with any contracts.
  • To make sure you don’t get charged for going over the 500MB limit, after opening your account, uncheck the “Automatic Top-Up” feature. Otherwise, should you exceed 500MB, you’ll automatically get more data and be charged for it.
  • Download the FreedomPop app and you can use your smartphone to keep track of your data usage. This is another method to make sure you don’t use more data than you intend.

Interested in the offer? Click here to get started!

Note: As mentioned above, Money Talks News is being compensated by FreedomPop.

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  • mibtp

    Be sure to read the YELP reviews before ordering.

  • Nikki Green

    I get an error message on this page as well. It will not process my order.

    • FreedomPop

      Please try using a different web browser to place the order. Also, be sure to clear cache & cookies on your browser.

      • Nikki Green

        Nope, it just keeps telling me to use a different card (no matter what I use). No idea why my Visa would not process normally.

  • Steve Crow

    FYI, the deal FreedomPop made with MTN to give their customers a “really great negotiated deal,” is not a deal at all! I received an email from FP telling me I could get the exact same 4G Photon hotspot for $14.99 + free shipping. I ordered it online, but entered the my Visa wrong (missed a number), so my order didn’t go through. When I called FP (and was on hold for 30+ minutes) I spoke with a sales rep who got everything straightened out and reordered for me. When I checked to be sure I would still get the $14.99 price, he told me the “regular price” is $19.99, but he would give it to me for the $14.99 price I had originally been offered.

    I’m not saying it’s not still a good deal. I’m just saying I think FP got a lot of really great (free) exposure from MTN, but didn’t really give MTN anything special in return.
    Also, please realize there are 3 or 4 different types of mobile hotspots FP offers. This one is 4G only, and has the slowest speed of the bunch (2MG-5MG on the Clearwire network). If you don’t have 4G available in your area, this particular hotspot will not work for you.

    • FreedomPop

      The Photon is our most popular device. The Photon is able to achieve speeds up to 6-10Mbps (I get download speeds of 10Mbps in my apartment consistently). All of our devices that connect the same 4G WiMax network are able to achieve equal speeds. Your speed is entirely dependent on coverage, so be sure to check the coverage map.

      We are glad that a Support Agent was able to help you out over the phone.

      • Steve Crow

        Then why are your sales reps and your literature telling customers (including MTN) it provides speed from 2MG – 5MG?
        I think FP offers a great deal on most everything they offer, but like most new companies with growing pains, you certainly have not started operating yet like a well oiled machine! Every time I speak with an agent regarding my phone or hot-spot (either via email or on the phone) they tell me something different than what I was told previously. Very frustrating!

        • FreedomPop

          It sounds like you may be mixing up data usage and speeds. Just to clarify, the MTN article mentions downloading a photo taking 2MB and downloading a song taking 5MB. This refers to the amount of data that’s used up during these activities (out of the 500MB allotment). This does not refer to the download speeds of the device.

          We are continuously working to improve our Customer Support, both on the phone and through email.

  • Aaron Andrews

    Their webpage is just horrible. If they can’t even put together a working webpage I don’t trust anything about them. Their page also says that it’s $4 a month for the 500MB plan. with $24 per GB overage. I don’t know if I should trust their page or this article, so I won’t trust either.

    • FreedomPop

      The 500MB 4G Only monthly data plan is completely free. It sounds like you may be referring to the 500MB 3G/4G plan (for 3G capable devices), which costs $3.99 per month. Extra data on either 500MB plan costs $20 per GB. Extra data on our higher data plans (2GB, 4GB, 10GB) costs $10 per GB.