Increasing Check Float Times

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It used to be that when you wrote a check, you had time to make a deposit to cover it, because the money wouldn’t leave your account for days. But now, thanks to modern technology and new banking regulations, that float’s gone from days to hours… but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy some extra time.

  1. Direct deposit wont help your check float, but it does get money into your accounts fast enough to cover those checks. So, if your business offers direct deposit, get it.
  2. Choose your payment dates for as many of your creditors and utilities as you can. If you set up payments on dates you’re comfortable with, you wont be scrambling for the money when the bill arrives.
  3. Credit cards can be your float friends. Make a big purchase the day after your card closes it’s billing cycle, and keep your money for a few extra weeks.
  4. Go low tech with a simple solution: pad you check register by rounding up every transaction. That way, you’ll always have a little more money than you think.

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