We'll do the math

If you save just $50 per month on your insurance payments and invest the money with only a 5% return, after 30 years you'll have saved $40,000! That's the magic of compound interest, and why saving even a small amount of money for a long period of time can make a huge difference.

Now shop for a better plan

All we need to know is which state you're purchasing insurance in. Then we'll give you information on insurance providers who can save you money on each of 5 different types of insurance.

Even if it takes you a full hour to browse through them and get a few quotes, and you only manage to save $50 a month, because you're investing it and earning 5% for 30 years, you'll essentially have earned $40,000 an hour. Great work! Not even Warren Buffett makes that much. (He earns a paltry $30,218 per hour.)


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