Lawsuit Says Woman Died Because Walmart Didn’t Double-Bag Her Groceries

A plastic grocery bag broke, setting off a chain of events that led to the woman’s death, her husband’s lawsuit says.

A Nebraska man has sued Walmart, saying his wife died after a series of events that began when a plastic grocery bag from Walmart broke.

The Lincoln Journal Star says Lynette Freis was carrying a single bag containing two 42-ounce cans of La Choy and a 2-pound bag of rice.

On her way to the car, the bag broke and one of the cans of La Choy fell on her right foot, breaking her big toe and causing a deep cut, the lawsuit says. William Freis’ attorney, Gage Cobb, said that led to an infection. Despite multiple rounds of antibiotics and two surgical procedures, Lynette Freis’ condition declined and infection spread throughout her body, which led to hospitalizations “and ultimately resulted in her death on March 12, 2011,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit argues that Walmart was negligent for not training employees to double-bag or separate heavy items. It also names the bag’s manufacturer, alleging the bag was defective.

The suit seeks more than $656,000 for medical expenses, plus unspecified damages for pain and suffering. Walmart offered condolences, but told the Journal Star that the company needs to investigate and will respond in court.

Stacy Johnson

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  • Vito V

    Maybe sue the hospital as well for not curing her and sue the can company for making the edges too sharp. I feel bad the woman died but I hope the law suit gets thrown out of court. There is always a chain of events that leads to a result. If thats the case we can sue people all day long.

    • Alex

      Walmart has no problem putting their lawyers to work on cases in their interest.
      Why should everyone else not have their rights?

      • Vito V

        You have a right to file a suit over anything, who said you didnt? You sound like the type that would sue the furniture company for stubbing your own toe on the table leg. Money money money. Work for it instead of looking for easy ways to acquire it. Every result had a chain of events that lead to it. That’s how things work in the universe.

        • Alex

          Not true at all. But we all know Walmart will use the courts, drag out legal affairs with their vast wealth and anything else they can to get their way.

          Walmart is not better than any other person using the legal system to their advantage.
          Really who care about Walmart anyway? This company has rolled over everyone and everything just to get more and more money in the Walton family’s already bloated personal wealth.

  • Alex

    Walmart should be sued for a lot more than just poor quality bags and people who over fill them.
    It is one of the worst companies in the world in my opinion.
    Never will I shop there.

  • Gerry Pong

    Frivolous lawsuit! Throw it out, please.

  • mark james

    sue for the distance she had to walk to her car
    sue the shoe company
    sue the shopping cart manufacturer even if she didn’t use it
    sue the eyeglass company because she didn’t grab the bag right
    sue the green bay packers for not winning the super bowl

  • marketfog

    Sounds like she was wearing sandels, a shoe would have protected her from the cut. Sounds like there was an underlying medical condition which made it difficult to treat the infection. Diabetes? How did it get infected? Were her feet dirty? $600+thousand medical fees. Where’s the insurance? Medicaid? Free clinics? Federally mandated Hospital write-off for indigent people? The bottom of a Walmart bag is less than a foot off the pavement when carried normally. I don’t understand how such a short fall could cause so much damage. This is a stale case. Why did it take so long to file suit? Sounds like an ambulance chaser is involved. I don’t like Walmart.

    • Maria Velasquez

      You are right, too many variables in this scenario

  • cnlbrett

    Is it possible she used self check out? with only three items?

  • TruthPrevail

    I have carried a lot of loaded grocery bags from the grocery store. I can always tell when a bag is overloaded. I usually put the items in the basket separately until I get to the car. I don’t trust plastic bags. It is common sense that tells us a bag is unsafe for the weight of items inside it. If there was a problem with the bag, I think the woman had an obligation at check out of asking the checker to double bag the stuff or else put it into two separate bags. I’d say this woman was negligent herself.

  • Mecca Wrecka

    this is actually funny, it’s so stupid. Obviously, she would have been better off homeless and eating at a soup kitchen. At the least, it’s a warning to us all – wear steel-tipped boots when shopping at Wal Mart. Hey, got a rich grandma? Take her to WallyWorld and let the cashier do the job for you. I’m just gettin’ started here.

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